"A New Squire" is the fifteenth episode of Season 11, created by Numbuh 404. It is set to run between 9 - 11 minutes in length.

This episode is also directly in line with the LD Storyline leading up to Story Two.


The King greatly misses his young knight and Falla takes notice when overhearing him speaking about the issue with Dame Barbara. Without a leading knight, his army cannot hope to conquer any new lands or fend off attacks with the same ease or unity. After giving the idea much thought, and with Princess Savina vouching on her behalf, Falla asks the King to give her the opportunity to become a Squire. Is it possible for a lady to hold such a position in this time? How will she prove her worth above other male candidates?


Coming soon!


  • Originally this episode was called, "A New Knight," but after reconsidering the pace of the storyline, it was more fitting to alter it slightly.


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