The Aegis Council was the main governing body of the High Heavens after the Pantheon. It was comprised the Aesir, the highest-ranking angels of the Heavens, and favoured servitors of the gods. The process of ascending to the rank of Aesir was virtually impossible, and only 8 angels managed to do this during the lifespan of the Council. The Council convened in the Angiris Citadel, a beautiful crystalline structure in the heart of the legendary Silver City.

Note: No other angels were allowed to participate in the Council meeting. Instead, they convened in the Halls of the Vanguard, situated in the beautiful city of Vanaheim.

Each Aesir in the Council received an epithet (Archangel of x), a Crown of Holy Flames on their head (to signify their status) and a Sword of Light (to bring justice to the fallen). Certain Aesir also received special motifs to indicate a higher rank.

The Aegis Council had no demonic counterpart, as the demons of the Burning Hells had no time to waste on petty politics. As of the Fall of the Pantheon, the Council is no longer a governing body but a meeting board, where the Aesir covene to discuss the next courses of action for the group. One of their more recent decisions was the declaration of the Sin War.

Current members

Due to the competitive nature of the Aegis Council, not all past members of the angiris are present now.

  • Anariel, the Archangel of Hope

Anariel is the spiritual enbodiment of the Hope virtue, as well as the sole female Aesir in existence. She is the second-in-command of the Aegis Council, and when Duterius was unavailable for comment, the vast majority of admin responsibility was deferred to her. The most beloved of the Aesir, Anariel's beautiful singing voice rallied the angiris during praise and worship sessions for the old gods. Despite seeking harmony among the other Aesir, her emotional disposition often put her at odds with the logical Duterius. She argued passionately in favour of the mortals during the great debate of Hell on Earth, and voted successfully for military intervention.

  • Duterius, the Archangel of Valour

Duterius is the embodiment of the Valour virtue, and the commander-in-chief of the Aegis Council. He was the the only Aesir with the ability to remove other angels from the Council (though despite many threats to do so, the only time he made good on this ability was during the Lucithel crisis). The second-most conservative archangel on the Court, his judgemental disposition often put him at odds with the more emotional Anariel, and his pride often endangered heavenly strategy. He voted against military intervention, but knew in his heart of hearts that his sister had successfully converted everyone.

  • Isodael, the Archangel of Wisdom

Isodael is the embodiment of the Wisdom (and balance) virtue. Oddly enough, the Aegis Coucil don't exemplify balance; they are all for an extremely orderely society. Isodael normally keeps out of conflicts surrounding the other Aesir, adhering to a strict code of personal balance, but voted in favour of humanity during the Sin War debate.

  • Mezarel, the Archangel of Justice

Mezarel is the Archangel of Justice, responsible for bringing the Law to bear down on the High Heavens. Angels usually seek harmony, but at times can prove unruly. It was also Mezarel's idea to create the city of Vanaheim to separate the lesser Vanir from the Aesir. His lawfulness put him on the side of Duterius on most issues, though in a shock move, he stood against him on the issue of Middle-Earth by concurring with Anariel on the issue.

  • Regael, the Archangel of Fervour

Regael is the most spiritually-connected of the Aesir. The leader of Praise and Worship (alongside Anariel), he took the angels into ministration during service. Although he prefers non-violent means, Regael will not hesitate to strike down the enemies of Heaven with a righteous anger.

Regael was the first Aesir to notice that the Holy Sanctuary may have been breached, but ignored it on the orders of Duterius. He voted in favour of military intervention, which led to the declaration Sin War.

  • Varian, the Archangel of Truth

Varian attempts to synthesise the diametric opposition between Anariel and Duterius by taking a realist approach that combines emotion and logic, making him the mediator between the two leaders. Oftentimes, there are conflicts that even he cannot solve. A quiet character, Varian often comes to be relied on for his wisdom.

  • Umbriel, the Archangel of Fate

Umbriel's tendency to take matters into his own hands frightens the other angels, but the task-focused approach he takes to battle against the demonic enemy earns their admiration. He also, like Mezarel, tends to side with Duterius on the big issues, and is the most conservative archangel on the Council. He famously voted against the Sin War, furiously attacking Anariel for her support of the mortal races. In her eyes, she was no better than a sinner herself, and deserved to be mocked for her defence of lesser races. After losing the vote, he smashed his ceremonial staff on the ground and screamed "YOU ARE ALL FOOLS!" before storming out of the Angiris Citadel.

Past members

  • Lucithel, the Lightbringer 

Lucithel was formerly the Lightbringer of the Aesir, leading the Heavenly Host into battle against the Burning Hells. A highly intelligent archangel, he was the architect of a great many successful raids against the gates of Hell, but his greatest bother was that he was never able to fully breach its walls due to the rigid regulations of the Angelic High Command. His discovery of the Void triggered a major depression, and his attempts to reason with the Pantheon to end the Eternal Conflict (and instead focus on the Void threat) failed. In desperation, Lucithel betrayed the Pantheon and became a fallen angel, taking one-third of the Vanir with him. The next time he returned, he was the Dark Lord Sargamon, laying waste to his former home like a vandal in a hotel, only to find that a Fusion Staff had been crafted to replace him, containing immense power. Setting Vanaheim aflame, the Destroyer stated that if Heaven wouldn't deal with the Void, he would do so himself, without their permission - and he would do so with the Fusion Staff's power. After he failed to obtain it, he initiated the Demonic Crusade to purge all the Cosmos of life in an attempt to warp the efforts of the gods.

Lucithel was behind the deaths of the old gods and the destruction of their Holy Sanctuary, and has attempted to corrupt the other Aesir numerous times.

Ruling as Lord of the Demonic Legion, Lucithel aims to destroy all before the Void can corrupt all, recently taking the fight to Middle-Earth where his Legion has influences all over the planet with the intent of securing the cosmic keystones.


  • The name "Duterius" comes from the fifth book of the Bible, Deuteronomy.
  • "Anariel" is based off of the Archangel of Hope from Diablo, Auriel. Like Auriel, Anariel is the only female member of her group.
  • "Mezarel" is based off of Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice from Diablo.
  • The Aegis Council is based on the Angiris Council from Diablo.
  • The name "Lucithel" is similar to "Lucifer", as both archangels had the same function. The difference is that Lucithel succeeded in his rebellion against the gods, and Lucifer didn't.
  • The Aesir are similar to the titan-forged Watchers of Warcraft, in the sense that they were servants of the Pantheon later tasked with re-forming the world following the Black Empire's fall.

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