Aqua Profile - Smurfs
Marital StatusSingle
Known RelationsThe Smurfs, the Smurfs' Piximp, Joey McCormick, Marina
Voice ActorUnknown
First Appearance"Visiting Atlantica" Season 10
UniverseExpanded Animated Universe

Expanded AU Icon

Aqua is a mermaid who first appears in the episode "Visiting Atlantica" from Season 10.

Background Information

She is one of Marina's best friends (the others being Oceana and Wave) and is shown to be somewhat of a tomboy, but still has some girly traits. One example is her pig-tails; she is playful and loves hanging out with her friends. The day she met the Smurfs, they were having fun at the party that took place in Atlantica until Fooly Smurf wanders into the open sea. She, along with her friends and the Smurfs, raced to stop him.

She eventually becomes trapped in seaweed and is nearly eaten by a Sandbar Shark, but Joey saves her by dispensing pepper into its nose. Then she starts to feel attraction towards him - this is known at the end of the episode when she winks at him.


She is just like any Mermaid: light green skin, a dark green tail, black eyes, and fin-like ears. The only difference is that she has light blue hair and long pig-tails that reach her arms. She wears two orange scallops around her pig-tails.

Voice Actor(s)


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