The assistant counselor is a role given specifically to Empath in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series shortly after his final return from Psychelia. In some ways, the role is identical to that of being the assistant leader of the Smurf Village, as Empath would oversee all activities in the Smurf Village in the same capacity as Papa Smurf and would give orders as well as relay any specific orders from Papa Smurf. However, the role of assistant counselor is more in the manner of providing specific counsel unto a Smurf who asks for it, helping to resolve situations that that Smurf may be having with himself or with other Smurfs. Usually, like the modern-day role of a psychotherapist, such discussions would be private and confidential, as Empath would not share that information with anybody except Papa Smurf and only when the situation may require such disclosure. The assistant counselor role also allows Empath to offer advice to Papa Smurf in his role as the village leader.

The role was given unto Empath due to his unique ability to sense whatever his fellow Smurfs may be feeling, and mostly due to Papa Smurf trying to relieve himself of some of the duties he has as the village leader so he could spend more time teaching Brainy Smurf. While Empath can pass along the duties of the assistant leader to Hefty when necessary, Hefty lacks the skills for the assistant counselor role and thus isn't assigned to act as one. Therefore, if Hefty is in charge as the assistant leader, he would still require Empath to act in his role as the assistant counselor.

Some Smurfs think that Tapper would be best suited for the role of the assistant counselor, but Tapper declines the offer, preferring to minister his counsel in his own private setting of the tavern rather than being beside Papa Smurf.

Empath's usual counseling patients:

  • Sickly, for his hypochondria and psychosomatic illnesses.
  • Scaredy, for his phobias.
  • Nudie, for his exhibitionism.
  • Lazy, for encouragement in being productive.
  • Anonymous, for his lack of identity.
  • Flighty, for his distractions, indecisiveness, and losses of memory.
  • Dimwitty, for his constant habit of getting the wrong things.
  • Nabby, for his kleptomania.
  • Amore, for his obsession with Smurfette.
  • Lucky, for his gambling addiction.

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