An Azrobot is a robot in the form of a typical house cat that was created by Garfield Melthorne's Research and Development division in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. It pretty much behaves like a house cat, except that it doesn't just lay about or take its ease like regular house cats. Rather, it is always on the prowl, looking for intruders and attacking anything regardless of its size. The Azrobot was originally developed by Steve Scruepenheim as a replacement for regular house cats, but because errors in its AI programming made it more vicious and less friendly to potential cat owners, the Azrobot was relegated to mostly guarding the research facility of Melthorne's company. Gerry Royeaux, Empath, and Clockwork Smurf encountered a group of Azrobots as they attempted to free the captured time-traveling Smurfs, but because Empath was snapped back to his own time before he could encounter his fellow Smurfs, it was left to Gerry and Clockwork to free the Smurfs, and soon they were using various methods to turn the Azrobots into scrap as they fled the facility with Gerry and Clockwork.

Azrobots were named for Azrael Technologies, which in turn was named for Gargamel's cat Azrael.

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