Also know as the Piximp Squad or Piximp Team: there are 599 Piximps who work for Lord Balthazar. First they appear in the episode, "Balthazar's Quest" in season 10.

Originally there were 600, but one of the Piximps got tired of Balthazar and turned against him. It resulted in him being thrown out of his castle. None of the Piximps are willing to oppose him, nor show true loyalty; it's most likely because they fear him or because he is rich and could pay a good fortune for their reincarnation. They are also Balthazar's punching bags, often thrown just for fun or being hit when he's frustrated for their failure, or when his plans go wrong.


"Like we care, chaw. Our boss is gonna take all the Smurfs, so eat piximp bombs - chaw!"

"As long as I'm getting paid, I don't care, chaw."


  • There are also 620 Piximps who work for Chlorhydris.
  • The Piximp who rebelled agaisnt Balthazar now works with the Smurfs.
  • They are desired to be voiced by Dave Wittenberg and Susan Blu.

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