Big Sis PiximpProfile - Smurfs
Big Sis Piximp
OccupationLaborer for Chlorhydris
Marital StatusUnknown
Known RelationsChlorhydris, other Piximps, the Smurfs, and Joey McCormick
Voice ActorColleen O'Shaughnessey (Desired)
First Appearance"We Smurf You a Smurfy Christmas" Season 10

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Big Sis Piximp is a Piximp who works for Chlorhydris; she first appears in the episode "We Smurf You a Smurfy Christmas" from the Smurfs Season 10.

Background Information

Unlike her fellow Piximps, she doesn't end her sentences with "Chaw". She speaks normally, but when talking to Chlorhydris she uses the word to implicate normalcy. She is polite, calm, and kind-hearted. She's also friends with the Smurfs and will occasionally visit them to warn about her "Master's" schemes - otherwise, she likes to hang out with them.

Early Life

Big Sis Piximp was the original leader of the Pussywillow Pixies (named Sunflower) as well Elderberry's mother figure. One day while looking after Elderberry - during that time she was just a baby pixie - the Wartmongers ambushed her.

Sunflower managed to hide Elderberry, but was soon captured and forced to become a servant to the former king of the Wartmongers (before King Bullrush rose to power). During her work, she chose to throw herself into the Slime maker, thus killing her. According to the rules, commiting suicide is the most horrible crime which resulted in her turning into a Piximp.


Unlike many female Piximps, she has orange hair, pink clothes, blue pixie wings, a grey-arrow tipped tail, and her right wing has a cut in the shape of a heart. Her skin is pale like all others, she has peg-legged feet, and her eyes are standard black.

Voice Actor(s)

Her voice sounds like Sora from Digimon Adventure, so the perfect voice actress would be Colleen O'Shaughnessey.


  • As her name implies, she acts as an older sister to the Piximps.
  • She killed herself because she loved Elderberry and treated her like a daughter - she thought that the only way to save her from a similar fate from the Wartmongers was to set an example of their ferocity.

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