Biscotti's Bakery 2Biscotti's Bakery
Biscotti's bakery
OwnerBiscotti Smurf
LocationSmurf Village
PurposeFood preparation
UniverseEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf

Biscotti's bakery is a place in the Smurf Village where Biscotti does his baking of breads, pastries, and pizza. It is usually open during times when Greedy doesn't need his help in the kitchen or when Biscotti is called to cater to events that Greedy doesn't cater to such as Brainy's Smarty Party.

It is based on Baker Smurf's bakery, which appears in the Smurfs comic book stories such as The Finance Smurf and You Don't Smurf Progress, and which also appears in Narrator Smurf's series of stories.

Food items made in Biscotti's bakery

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