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I'm sorry, but I don't know whose universe you're supposed to be in!
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This article features a created fanfiction character that does not have a universe designation. Please rename your article so that it contains the name of your series as part of it.

Blasè Smurf
Also Known AsDull Smurf
Voice ActorUnknown for now
First AppearanceSealed Away Smurfs: How it Began
UniverseSealed Away Smurfs

Blasè Smurf is a character in the Sealed Away Smurfs Universe.


An episode is currently being created of Blasé's Origin, it is said he was formerly a grey smurf, but turned good when he was captured... More to be added!


Blasè Smurf seems to always be bored and has no emotion whatsoever except when someone says a particular word; most may think this is a curse, but it's actually a gift because he cannot feel fear. For example, when a giant toxic spider... nevermind, you will find out later.


Blasè Smurf is basically like a normal Smurf, but he wears a grey Smurf outfit and almost always looks stone cold.

Voice Actor(s)


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