Blue Eyes Fanfiction
Blue Eyes
OccupationAdventurer, Smurfette's friend
ResidenceLand of Myth
UniverseEmpath Stories

Blue Eyes is a character who is part of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.


He is a pegasus whom Smurfette encountered a few years before Empath's final return from Psychelia in the story "The Little Orange Horse With The Gold Shoes". He is from the land of Myth, and can only appear unto Smurfette three times, and he usually is visible only unto Smurfette. In "Empath's Wedding", Blue Eyes appears one final time as Smurfette's wedding guest, who helped Empath get into Smurfette's house when she was abducted by Chlorhydris and her house was sealed shut to prevent entry. At that point, due to the nature of Smurfette's wedding being a special occasion, Blue Eyes inexplicably is visible unto everyone.


Blue Eyes is very brave and friendly, but as a young horse is very curious about both the world he lives in and the world that his friends in the Land of Myth visits. His curiosity is what first caused him to appear unto Smurfette, though he regretted missing his first day of school to find out what the world below was like. As Smurfette was the only being on Earth that knew his existence, right up to his final visit at the time of her wedding, he was understandably disappointed that his existence was regarded as imaginary by even Smurfette's closest friends, though Papa Smurf seemed to be the only one at the time who understood about meeting creatures from the Land of Myth that are only visible to the ones who see them. Despite how he was treated up to the point where he became visible to everyone, he still regarded Smurfette's friends as his own and would do anything to help save them.


  • Flight
  • Magic Horseshoes, which enable him to overpower any kind of magic spell
  • Invisibility during his first three appearances to Smurfette, rendering him unable to be seen by anyone except her. This ability was cancelled by his fourth and final appearance.

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