Race TypeCross of Boars & Rhinos
First Appearance"Laconia and Woody's Cousins" Season 10

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Boarceros are animals first mentioned in the episode "The Scream" and make an official appearance in the episode "Laconia and Woody's Cousins" of Season 10.

Race Information

Like real life boars and rhinos, Boarceros can be quite agressive when angered - especially when they are protecting their offspring or territory. They seldom attack if unprovoked. They are herbivores, preferring vegetation like grass, leaves, and fruits, but they also have a great sense of smell that can find anything; even truffles.


A typical specimen has a boar's head and upper body, a rhino's horn, skin, and legs, and glaring red eyes and fangs that show when the mouth is closed. When fully grown, they are the size of an adult boar.

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