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Brainy's Suprise (also known as "Shumbaloopa") is a Smurf Racing fanfiction by Brainy Smurf, granted permission by his brother, BabySmurf3, who created Smurf Racing.


It tells of Baby telling Brainy that Grouchy called him special, saying that while Baby came from Smurfling Island, all of the other Smurfs "came from Papa Smurf's tummy". Brainy disbelieves this. He starts telling Baby the truth - that Brainy came from a blue moon. The following segment is a flashback. Brainy is attached to the blue moon via a hook, but he falls and is found by Aristotle Smurf. Baby suggests that Aristotle fed Brainy to Papa, but Brainy says no. Baby also says that Empath told him that he went to a Psyche village, which is where he met Polaris. But, in Baby's version, Aristotle kidnapped Papa Smurf and forced him to put Empath in the village. Brainy is infuriated, saying that Empath and Grouchy both lie, but he agrees on something - Polaris is no fun.

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