Chimpanzians are a sentient race of monkey beings from another planet that have infiltrated the village during the events of "Monkey On Your Smurf" in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf series.

They have advanced technology that lets them study various beings while remaining invisible and relatively intangible, although certain chemical mixtures can disrupt their cloaking technology. They have injected every Smurf in the village as well as Polaris Psyche with a control probe that directs energy signatures to the part of the brain that controls metabolic functions, causing various effects depending on what the Chimpanzian intends to do with his subject. With Empath and Smurfette, the control probes had an effect on their hormone levels; with Papa Smurf, his adrenaline levels were stimulated; with Hefty Smurf, he was incredibly aged; and with most of the other Smurfs, they were simply mutated into various forms.

Clockwork Smurf first spotted the Chimpanzians during Handy's first test of the mechanical Smurf's new body in the story, but was immediately deactivated. Polaris reactivated Clockwork and had him go into Papa Smurf's laboratory to prepare a chemical mixture that would disrupt the Chimpanzians' cloaking technology. With the Chimpanzians revealed and put into a cage, Papa Smurf forced its leader, Gorillian, to remove the control probes or he will destroy the entire village and everyone in it, including the Chimpanzians. Gorillian told his second-in-command, Oranghutan, to activate the control probes so that they could terminate their subjects, but Empath had blocked the signals to the control probes. With no other choice but to face his own destruction, Gorillian surrendered and had the control probes removed from the Smurfs.

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