Chlorhydris' Piximps (A.K.A. The Piximp Gang) are a collection of 620 Piximps working for Chlorhydris. They first appear in the episode, "We Smurf You a Smurfy Christmas" of Season 10. They are Chlorhydris' henchmen, butlers, cleaners, maids, and chefs.

Background Information

Although they are working for Chlorhydris, none of the Piximps are loyal. It's most likely because they fear her or because she's rich and could pay a good fortune for their reincarnation.

Due to their upbeat attitudes, they are more of a comic relief; this is know whenever Chlorhydris is not around. They tend to slack off unless they intend to please her with compliments about her wicked ways or plans to rid of love in the world. For example: "You're the evilest witch of all the evil witches".

They are, as well, Chlorhydris' punching bags, being hit or thrown whenever her plans are foiled by the Smurfs or when they fail to cooperate with her. Aside from their "Master", the second in command is Big Sis Piximp, who acts as their older sister and treats them nicely. They all show a disliking for Chlorhydris ruining holidays as seen in their debut episode - they complain about her casting a spell since they love Christmas as well.

Voice Actor(s)

The male voices sounds like Prinny from Disgaea while the female voices sounds like Pansy the Pussywillow Pixie. They frequently end their sentences with "Chaw", so the perfect voice actors for them should be Dave Wittenberg and Susan Blu.


  • They often break the fourth wall.
  • In Season 11 when they met Nemesis, they (along with Chlorhydris) become frightened when they see his grotesque face. They describe him with glaring red eyes, a skeleton's nose hole with a booger sticking out of it, a face full of hives, sharp teeth, and a hanging tongue.
  • A recurring gag is that every time they do their signature pirouette spins, their "Master" gets mad and hits them.
  • Another running gag is that every time they compliment her, one of the Piximps will mistakenly cheer for goodness which results in him/her being kicked by their fellow Piximps or being hit/thrown by Chlorhydris, or they will become her pet Toucan's toy.
  • To Chlorhydris, the Piximps are like the Prinnies to Etna since the males are desired to have the same voice actor.

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