Crocodog - Dilan Fahimi 2012
Race TypeCombination Breed
ResidenceSmurf Forest & Pussywillow Hollow
First AppearanceSeason 10

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A Crocodog is an animal from Season 10 first appearing in the episode "Acorn, the Tallest Pixie."

Race Information

They are a cross between a crocodile and a dog, hence their name, and are known for their great physical strength and size. Offensively, they rely on direct physical attacks such as body slams and biting. They also have the ability to heal themselves by taking a long nap.

They live in both Pussywillow Hollow and swampy regions of the Smurf forest. Although its appearance gives off the impression that it is very dangerous, it is generally a harmless animal unless provoked. They are friends with the Smurfs and Pussywillow Pixies.


Either they have black, brown, or cream-colored fur, a crocodile's head and tail with a dog's body (legs included) and are about the size of a medium sized dog.


  • The photographed artwork for this page was created by Numbuh 404's school mate, Dilan Fahimi (2012), and is used with her permission.

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