OccupationServant girl
Known RelationsPolaris Psyche (customer)

Daffodil is a character who is slated to appear in the fanfiction story, "Smurfed Behind: The Departure". She is a Woodnymph servant girl who works for Lilliput in the brother that she operates, sometimes working as a dancer.

She finds herself attracted to Empath's friend, Polaris Psyche (who doesn't find himself attracted to any of the females in the brothel), and engages her in conversation about herself. Prior to working for Lilliput, Daffodil aspired to be a ballerina, but her sisters wouldn't let her become one; instead, they forced her to work menial labor. Frustrated by her family's favoritism, Daffodil ran away from home, only to lose her wings during a storm and find herself being taken care of by Lilliput and her girls.

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