Dorgone the Wood Elf 2 - Smurfs
Also Known AsDoormat
RaceWood Elf
Marital StatusSingle
Known RelationsWisteria, Smurfs, Prince Pyro, Laconia, and Woody
ResidenceNorth Woodelf Village
Voice ActorLeonardo DeCaprio (Desired)
First AppearanceUnknown
UniverseLD Stories/

Dorgone is a character in The Light and Dark Series, created by Numbuh 404.

NOTE: This character's information is currently undergoing major revisions. What is stated below will be changed in due time.

Background Information

His talent lies in his job, but his hobbies are cobbling shoes, collecting beetles, and occasionally writing poetry (if inspired). He is a farmhand, working tirelessly to tending fields to feed the clan he lives in; his status is considerably low (he's a nobody) compared to other Woodelves like Wisteria, whom he has a crush on.

His archille's heel is his coordination -- whenever he's around Wisteria he is more liable to trip over his feet, words, or tools. He has no control of it; In a sense, he is Clumsy Smurf.

Relationship with Wisteria

This section will be expanded soon!

Relationship with the Gnome Prince

Several years before Dorgone develops a crush on Wisteria, he meets Prince Pyro while he's out in the forest: he was scouting out a new field site when he turned around a tree and collided with him. At the site of his crown, he apologized and bowed, afraid that he might be upset. Then he tries to leave only to be stopped by the prince asking why he is afraid of him.

He explains that "his type" of race is always taking advantage of the elves, usually making them their servants or worse, causing a set fear to be instated. This outrages the prince and so he makes a point that he is no such example. Naturally Dorgone questions him, so he is invited to his kingdom to put an end to their races' differences - he learns that Pyro believes full-heartedly that Gnomes and Wood Elves are perfectly capable of achieving peace.

Making Amends

Thanks to their teamwork, peace was accomplished and has been maintained; since then, Dorgone is always the first person he tells anything too even after hooking up with Glacia. In fact, he is later asked for advise about how to deal with a girl. Understanding that his friend was feeling half-yes and half-no about Princess Glacia, he ultimately told him to listen to his heart, not his head, when the right moment was upon them. He celebrated the news of their intimate relationship being official and was the first to tell him he was happy for them.


Standing two or three inches above Wisteria, he has a fairly thin masculine figure and pale skin. His face contains six freckles going across his cheeks, his eyes are more square-shaped than a female's, and he has thinner lips. His hair is sunset orange with large parted bangs which hang over his eyes, small sideburns, and is slightly outgrown in the back.

He wears a dark brown tunic with a grey fur-trimmed capelet, a gold tie-up waist belt, matching leggings and fingerless elbow-length gloves, and grey calf-length boots. He is often seen with some sort of gardening tool - in this case, a poorly drawn hoe - or has dirt on his face and clothes.

Voice Actor(s)

He may be voiced by Leonardo Decaprio who is best known for his character, Jack Dawson, in Titanic.

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