Dream Space

A dream space is a location in the subconsciousness of the Psyches and telepaths of similar species such as Smurfs where two telepaths can appear in the same dream together, which among mystical beings that are married is usually referred to as the "sharing dreams" technique. In the dream space, the occupants usually appear in a picturesque grassy meadow wearing nothing but white robes, though when Empath enters the dream space, he also wears either a white Smurf hat or his current black star-patterned hat. It is uncertain what the purpose of the dream space is for among the Psyches, though to Empath it is the only place in Psychelia where he could freely express emotions and talk with his bonded partner Polaris Psyche without the Psyche Master monitoring their thoughts. Empath considers the dream space a rather intimate form of communication with his friend Polaris, as they have freedom to do whatever they want within it, though without crossing any gender-related boundaries.

During Empath and Polaris' first visit to the dream space, both occupants were able to express emotions, and Empath disclosed to Polaris that he was actually a Smurf and not a Psyche. As the two of them got older, Polaris began to show less emotion in the dream space than Empath, which became a point of concern for Empath as he began to realize that they were now growing apart from each other and that they would eventually have to part ways and live separate lives from each other.

It is unknown whether Empath and Polaris continue to use the dream space now that they are both living in the Smurf Village, where they could freely communicate with each other without having their thoughts monitored. However, during Empath's honeymoon, Polaris' communication with Empath through the dream space was severed as Empath had now made a mental bond with his wife Smurfette.

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