This fanfiction story is still in progress, my little Smurfs!
Papa Smurf Head

This fanfiction story is still in progress and is not complete. Please be patient until the author has enough free time to finish the story. Thank you.

"Empath's Honeymoon" is a story that is part of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. It takes place right after the wedding in the novel.

Plot Summary

Empath and Smurfette visit Utopia Island, a place that Marco Smurf has recommended to them for their honeymoon getaway. On the island, Empath and Smurfette meet the Utopii, a small race of humanoid beings that live in a village and offer the couple hospitality and a place where they could stay and enjoy themselves. On their first day of being with the Utopii, Empath and Smurfette were briefly separated from each other in order to be tested by the Utopi leaders Papi and Mami Utopi in the hopes that they would exhibit the kind of behaviors they would expect in a married couple. Fortunately they pass the test and get to spend the night alone with each other on the beach. Upon waking up the next morning, Smurfette discovers that she could now hear Empath's thoughts in her head. The following day, Empath and Smurfette decide to explore the rest of the island by themselves despite Papi Utopi warning them of the dangers that exist on the island. As they start off on their journey, Smurfette notices that Empath has begun to speak in Smurf rather fluently without having to experience an extreme emotion, although Smurfette surmises that Empath may be feeling the extreme emotion of love.

The Story

More chapters will be coming. Please be patient.

The Songs

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