"Empath's Last Poem" is a poem written by Empath Smurf in the story "The Innocence Of A Smurf", intended to be recited by Poet Smurf in case Empath had died during the swim across the Pool Of Souls on Redemption Day. However, the last two lines were recited by Empath when he managed to survive his experience with death.

The poem goes like this:

I never knew what life was until somebody showed me,
How precious a gift it was to be given,
That every moment in life was meant to be lived
Until someone I knew was no more among the living.
Whatever life I knew, I tried to lived it
And give it meaning the best way I knew how.
But what I wouldn’t give to give back a life
To a one whose life isn’t lived right now.
I know not a whit of what tomorrow may be,
I know only what may come today.
And today I can only wish that life
That I took is the one that will ever stay.
But this is the thing that I cannot undo,
To erase this guilt in my memory.
I can only hope that when you think of life,
That you will never take it like me.

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