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The Esther: The Adventurous Smurfette Series (Created by Randomwords247) Is about a Smurfette named Esther, who originally was a Human, and was turned into a Smurf and transported back in time, who tries to fit in with the Smurfs. At the same time, she is trying to find a way to either bring her back to her family, or bring her family to her


Note: These Stories do not take place in the order they are in apart from "The Adventurous Smurfette".

The Adventurous Smurfette:

This story is about a Smurfette named Esther is found in the forest a few days before Christmas, little does she know she is in for a big Adventure

A Future Adventure: WARNING! Do NOT Read This Unless You Have Watched The Movie "The Smurfs", contains Major Spoilers!

Six Smurfs along with Esther arrive in New York, while being chassed by Gargamel and his cat Azrael, they have to find their way out of the future with the help of 2 humans Grace and Patrick, before Gargamel catches them, and extracts their essance

Smurfling Trouble:

On Esther's Birthday while shes smurfberry picking gets changed into a Smurfling with no memory of all that has happened after when she was 5 years old, and starts causing trouble for the Smurfs because she is so crazy and uncontroled, she later runs into the forest crying, thinking everyone hates her and that she will never see her family again, the Smurfs now have to get her and turn her back before Gargamel finds her or worse

Valentine Love:

Valentines day comes and the Smurfs ask Smurfette (And a few ask Esther) to be their valentine, and start driving the two insane, so to speak. While hiding and trying to think of a plan, Esther suddenly gets the idea to dress Smurfette up as her and act like her, but try to be in opposite parts of the Village at the same time, or one being in the forest and one in the Village. However, as Esther is far in the forest to make sure none of the Smurfs see her, she loses her way to the Village, and ends up at a Human one! What will happen to Esther and Smurfette? Will the Smurfs find out? Will Esther be lost forever? To Be Edited (And possibly changed a bit) Later....

April Smurfs! April Smurfs!:

Its April Fools day, Jokey decides to play some tricks on Esther, but finds out she isn't there so goes around asking where she is, getting pranked a few times. Meanwhile Esther is in the forest with her pet butterfly Rosy, not bothered about April Fools for once, because of how it was not the same without her 'Friends' (Who are her Family, but no one knows) and sees Handy walking through the forest and decides to talk to him about her problem. At the same time Jokey comes and at last finds Esther but to his annoyance gets stuck in a trap with Handy and Esther set by an unknown wizard who then takes them to his home. The three now have to find a way to escape this strange wizard, before he tests out dangerous potions on them, or worse! To Be Edited (And possibly changed a bit) Later....

Naughty Or Smurf?:

Its a normal day in Smurf Village, Esther wakes up feeling very strange, and week, she decides to ignore thinking she just slept wrong. Later other Smurfs notice that she is acting strange and different and she thinks that something happened to her in the night. She soon finds her hands and feet to be gray, and that the grayness was spreading up her arms and legs. Scared of what might happen, she run into the forest. The Smurfs now have to find her and find out how to stop this from happening, before its too late

The Misunderstood Truth (Continued from 'Naughty Or Smurf'):

To Be Revealed Later...

Rosy The Butterfly:

The Smurfs find a butterfly in the forest that has a broken wing, the Smurfs take it into the Village to help it get better, with Esther being very worried about it, she secretly sneaks out in the night to see how it is doing and she ends up spending most her time with it, however Esther then catches a serious illness, and is not allowed to get out of her bed to risk getting even worse, however, being the stubborn Smurf she is, goes into the forest with the Butterfly, ending up getting lost, will the Smurfs find her and her Butterfly friend before it's too late? To Be Edited (And possibly changed a bit) Later....

A Week Without Pranksters: On Hold

After an arguement at dinner about pranksters its decided that Esther and Jokey will leave the Village for a week to see if Brainy was right about the Village being better without pranksters. As they are camping in the forest Esther and Jokey have an adventure, exploring new places. After escaping a cave they fell in, they find the Village empty, will the two pranksters find the Smurfs, or will they never see them again?

The Voice Of A Smurf:

Esther is out in the forest singing, but while in the middle of a song she gets knocked unconscious by a spell, cast by an ugly witch. Later when she wakes up she finds herself in a cage inside a castle, and that she cannot talk, whisper or even sing, which makes her angry and sad. The Smurfs now have to rescue her, but the witch has other ideas, the Smurfs now have to come up with a plan to free Esther as well as return her voice, before the witch captures them all and more harm comes to the little adventurer To Be Edited (And possibly changed a bit) Later....

The Baby Smurf:

A Stork arrives in the Smurf Village at night, and leaves a basket at Harmony Smurf's house, inside was a little Baby Smurf, and wakes up all the Smurfs to tell them. They all pay most their attention to Baby, and Esther can't help but stay around him all day, however what the Smurfs don't realize, is that everything is not always as it seems

A Naughty Adventure: (WARNING! Do NOT read this unless you have watched the Movie "The Smurfs 2", contains Major Spoilers!) NOTE: The current name is only a Fill-In, as I'm having trouble coming up with one

To be written later, as some things are still being decided...

A Christmas Adventure (Christmas Special):

On Christmas Eve, the Smurfs are all busy getting ready for Christmas Day. Meanwhile, two Children are lost in the woods, trying to find someone to help their Grandfather who was covered by their Sleigh. Unknown to them, a Mysterious Stranger is trying to find them too. For Evil however, instead of good.

More to come later...

Main Characters

Esther: The main character of the series, she is always ready for an adventure, she is also quite helpful and would always risk her life to save someone else. She is quite childish, as she is still a child

Papa: Esther's adopted father and the Smurfs father and leader, he is a wizard and uses his magic to protect the Smurfs.

Smurfette: Esther's Best friend. The two understand each other as they were both not smurfs at one time, and they treat each other like the sister they never had. Most the Smurfs are in love with her

Jokey: Esther's other Best friend, he loves pranks and jokes, and sometimes does them with Esther for a good laugh. He is in secretly love with Esther and loves how she likes his jokes, but since finding out her age, he decided to treat her as a friend until she was old enough to have a boyfriend


  • Ironically the name Esther means Star and you could say that Esther is the "Star" of this series.
  • Like in the Cartoon Show, Comics, and Movies, Smurfs are Brought by a Stork from an unknown place. In the Series, whichever house the Baby is left, the People who live inside are the Parents, providing they are Married. If not, then the Baby is the Son of the Current Papa Smurf. There is also a small chance that there will be a Baby Smurfette delivered, but for some unknown reason, this is a rarity.
  • Although there will be some romance, it will be little, as the author, Random's main focuses is on adventures, family and comedy (Though the latter the author isn't too good at). This is because Random both isn't a big fan of romance stories, and isn't good at writing them

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