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Falla Profile - Smurfs

Falla Cye Season 11

Coming later!

Princess Falla Cye
Also Known AsLady Falla (Preferred Title)

"Momma" (by Peewit)

Royal Aid to the Good King (Current)
Marital StatusSingle (Current)
Known RelationsKing Copprick (Brother)
ResidenceCye Castle (Former)
The King's Castle (Current)
Voice ActorSara Bareilles (Desired)
First Appearance"The Reluctant Dark Knight" Season 10 Finale
UniverseLD Stories/Expanded AU

Falla Cye (AKA Lady Falla or simply "Falla") is a character within The Light and Dark Series and the Expanded Animated Universe, created by Numbuh 404.

Background Information

She always rides her horse, Gentile with an adventurous spirit and is unafraid to get dirty once in a while. However, she is still a lady and acts her age (or status) when it is important, such as going to meet another member of royalty or attend a special event. It is only at these times that she will dress formally, although she has nothing against being in a dress and wearing accessories.

Relationship with Sir Johan

She first meets Johan in Story One.

Story One

Johan introduced her to the Smurfs before they left the forest with the belief that she would gain their trust and accept her new surroundings. To his content, she adored the little blue creatures and quickly grew attached to him and his friends in the castle as a direct result. Since then, she has sought his guidance and company whenever appointed to a certain task, set to embark with them beyond the castle, or otherwise. She values his friendship and often reflects upon his moral compass -- sometimes they disagree on subjects, but for the most part, they have realized they have common goals in the long run.

Season 11

To be filled in later!

Relationship with Peewit

She first meets Peewit in Story One.

Story One

She has established a strong mother-son bond and loves him dearly. Her maternal instincts are triggered anytime she hears him scream, "Momma!" and she reacts by becoming aggravated with newfound strength and stamina, very much like Johan. She is also easily suckered into telling Peewit stories before bed or singing to him when he's bored on a ride. On occasion, she will carry him like a child or let him sleep with her if he has nightmares, which prompts Johan to believe will make a great mother one day.

Season 11

Coming later!

Relationship with Princess Savina

Falla first meets Princess Savina in Story One.

Story One

She first believes she is like any other "airhead" and pays only as much respect as need be. Although Dame Barbara tends to withhold them from any deep bonding periods, putting priority into Savina's "proper princess" lessons, Savina actively tries to engage with Falla.

Season 11

Following the conclusion of Story One, after which they are faced with the loss of Johan, she notices that Savina is most hurt, learning that Johan was her closest companion. More coming later!

Relationship with Dame Barbara

Falla is not on good terms with Dame Barbara in the castle because of the following: she does not follow "proper" princess/ladylike etiquette, has the freedom to spend more time with Johan and Peewit, dresses casually, and goes on adventures with the boys that Savina is forbade from the majority of the time.

However, this changes after Johan is turned evil, at which point Falla begins to take his place in an effort to keep the castle in unity. Dame Barbara notices that she is becoming more disciplined, physically and mentally mature, and community-oriented, which she believes is a great improvement from a formerly "reckless Tomboy."

Relationship with King Gerard

Falla first meets King Gerard and his beloved Clockwork Smurf in Story One.

Story One

Upon the trio's arrival to his castle, she greets him as "King Gerard" and presents herself as respectfully as expected. She is delighted to make his acquaintance and assists him with finding a suitor, which later leads to the idea of holding a Grand Ball. Over the course of the story, she reveals a sense of comfort around him, which is best demonstrated by her calling him "Gerard" while he calls her "Falla."

Season 11

Coming soon!

Relationship with Clockwork Smurf

Falla has a soft spot for Clockwork similarly to Peewit, though she sees the little doll less frequently. Regardless, she and King Gerard love him equally, and she has expressed her hopes that nothing stands between them. She believes that Clockwork is the perfect friend for the boy-king and often asks about his well-being when Clockwork is absent.

Relationship with Sir Josten

Falla first meets Josten in "King Gerard's Squire." This section will be broadened soon!


Just as anyone else, she faces foes both big and small.

Peasant Folk

Outside the castle, she is strongly opposed to Gargamel and Scruple because they are against the Smurfs and once imprisoned Johan with a dreadful spell that turned him against her and Peewit. This means that Johan becomes her enemy, too. Since then, she has not forgotten nor forgiven them and swears to get revenge one day.

Members of Royalty

This section is being rewritten in accordance with the storyline.

Season 11 Episodes

After the conclusion of Season 10, Falla becomes the female component to Peewit in the place of Johan on their adventures for Season 11.


Falla has hazelnut brown medium-length hair with large bangs, similar to Peewit's, and the back is tied into a ponytail. Her skin is pale, eyes are standard black, and she has a slender figure, standing about 5'6" in American measurement.

  • Story One -- She is introduced wearing a dark ivy green, knee-length dress with short lavender sleeves, a light green collar, and a lavender waist belt. She has light green leggings to match the collar and sports flat, dark red shoes with yellow buckles on the front. On her right wrist is a gold, round ruby-studded bracelet.
  • Season 11 -- Starting in "Woeful Smurfs" up until Story Two, she sports a darker mossy green knee-length dress that has a mid-skirt split to show the lime green underlining, daffodil yellow shoulder pads, and a chocolate brown waist belt. She wears a lime green undershirt with a hero's collar with the Moon Stone from "Blue is the Moon Stone" as the clasp, and the sleeves are elbow-length and rolled up. Her leggings are daffodil yellow to match the shoulder pads. Her new chocolate brown shoes have a 1/2" heel and the top flaps overlay at her ankles, clasped by rubies to match her gold bracelet.

Voice Actor(s)

She would best be voiced by the renowned singer, Sara Bareilles who created such hits as "Love Song," "King of Anything," and "Brave."


  • She is a left-handed writer, but considered to be ambidextrous because she uses her right hand for almost every non-writing activity. She has coined the term "ambi-lefted."
  • She believes in reincarnation, unlike her friends and family. She shares this belief with the Smurfs.
  • After receiving a comment from someone suggesting a romantic relationship occuring between her and Peewit, the Season 11 episode "The Princess and the Peewit" was created. Their romance is brief, but never forgotten (and seldom spoken of afterwards).
  • Her birthday is December 7th, the same as her desired voice actress. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • She has a secret admirer who is mysterious until Season 11 in a middle or late episode.
  • Her song is Love is a Battlefield by the 1980s artist, Pat Benatar.
  • In a non-canonical dream-based story, she tags along with Johan and Peewit to help restore the King's castle after it is overtaken by a villain disguised as Sir Josten.
  • She prefers herbal tea flavors such as Mint, Chamomile, or Lemongrass.

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