First Smurf National Bank 2
First Smurf National Bank
Also Known AsThe Bank
OwnerTrader Smurf
PurposeMoney handling
First AppearanceOriginal: "The Finance Smurf" (comic book)
Fanon: "For The Smurf Of Money" (Empath stories)
UniverseEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf Series

The First Smurf National Bank was an office that Trader Smurf had opened in the story event "For The Smurf Of Money" where he worked in the role of both loaning money to Smurfs who were in need as well as helping the richer Smurfs earn interest by storing their money with him. Originally set up in an ordinary Smurf house, the bank would later have a more palatial appearance that would make Hefty leave the village in disgust. Eventually by the end of the story, the bank was dissolved as the Smurfs rejected the money system and returned to the old system of sharing and cooperation.

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