Flakey Profile - Smurfs
RaceSnow Fairy
Marital StatusSingle
Known RelationsThe Smurfs, Joey McCormick, Icy
Voice ActorCindy Robinson
First Appearance"The Snow Fairies" Season 10
UniverseExpanded Animated Universe

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Flakey is one of the Snow Fairy triplets: she is the youngest of the triplets who first appears in the episode, "The Snow Fairies" from Season 10.

Background Information

Like her sisters, she once believed that the Smurfs were monsters until the day she met Joey. After he saved her life from a Saber-Toothed Wolf, she develops intimate feelings towards him.

She is quick-witted and courageous - always ready to take on a challenge.


She is similar in appearance and age to her sisters having pale peach skin and black eyes. The only difference is that she has short pink hair, wears a snow bunny hat, has light blue dragonfly-like wings and a winter snowflake inspired outfit.

Voice Actor(s)

Her voice sounds like Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog, so the perfect voice actress for her should be Cindy Robinson.