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OccupationGifted Student
Known RelationsThe Clover Bandit
Voice ActorUnknown
First AppearanceChapter 3
UniverseSealed Away Smurfs

Folisus is a character from the Sealed Away Smurfs Universe; he mainly appears in The Tale of the Clover Bandit series. He is the Clover Bandit's best friend.

Powers and Abilities

He is notably a great swordsman and has the ability to control living things such as Humans, animals, insects, and plants. He is actually a very powerful person (he may be able to beat everybody in a fight), though he does not know how to fully control his powers.


He has wavy light brown hair and thin lips. He is usually seen in a long jacket and wears tight pants, often with a lute or harpsichord.

Voice Actor(s)


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