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I'm sorry, but I don't know whose universe you're supposed to be in!
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This article features a created fanfiction character that does not have a universe designation. Please rename your article so that it contains the name of your series as part of it.

Gangster Smurf
OccupationSmurderers Inc. Head
Known RelationsThe Smurfs
Voice ActorUnknown

Gangster Smurf is a Smurf that was rescued by Stunt Smurf in Sealed Away Smurfs; he was banished from the Smurf colony when he blackmailed and killed Trader Smurf. Before he left, he stole a fedora hat from Tailor and formed a gang called, "Smurderers Inc." with several Pixies, Elves, Imps, and other magical creatures.

Smurderers Inc.

Gangster Smurf felt angry with all the Smurfs, so he formed a group that operates in an underground business: they get a call from someone and are paid to assassinate someone else.

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