Garfield Melthorne (Empath stories)
OccupationCEO of Azrael Technologies

Garfield Abercrombie Melthorne is a human character who is part of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. He is an Australian entrepreneur who is a descendant of the evil wizard Gargamel, who prior to his meeting with the Smurfs in the present time has discovered the Great Book Of Spells buried underneath the ruins of Gargamel's castle during an expedition. With the help of the Great Book Of Spells, Melthorne acquired a business empire which he keeps some descendants of the Smurfs' other adversaries in his employ: Ralph Kromplin (a descendant of Bigmouth), who works as a janitor, Helga Snortworthy (a descendant of Hogatha) as his personal secretary, and Steve Screupenheim (a descendant of Scruple) as his chief scientist. He had at one time had a business and romantic association with Cloris Heidelbaum (a descendant of Chlorhydris) which ended on a rather sour note, with Cloris seeking to put Melthorne out of business once and for all.

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