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Gargranna is an evil witch from the movie, The Smurfs' Magical Quest. She only appears in that movie and is the main villain, as she hires Gargamel to capture the Smurfs for her stew.



Gargranna is a very ugly old lady who wears too much make-up such as blush, lipstick and eyeshadow. She dyes her hair blonde, red, and brown at the same time. She wears a purple, patched dress, white gloves and red shoes (which she painted purple).


Gargranna is Gargamel's great-great-great-grandmother (as shown in the end). She is first shown in her old hut with Gargamel, preparing for Smurf stew. Jokey, Grumpy, Greedy and Baby show up and Gargranna and Gargamel send Azrael to nab them. In the end, she is revealed to be Gargamel's great-great-great-grandmother and turned into mud by Papa Smurf and the fairy, who is not yet named.

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