Also Known AsThe Perfume Genie
Known RelationsSmurfette (mistress)
UniverseEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf

Empath Icon

"My mistress deserves to be treated like a real person, not just some girl."

Ghinelle is a character who is part of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.


She is a female genie whom Smurfette encountered in the forest, who lives in a bottle of perfume, and often smells like perfume whenever she appears. Her magic words whenever she invokes her powers are "parfuma performa" (and sometimes "parforma perfuma"), followed by a pink magical mist that smells like perfume. This has the tendency of making whatever persons or animals that get transported using her powers smelling of perfume when they appear.

Ghinelle sympathizes with Smurfette being the only adult female Smurf in the village and often tries to help her be seen as an equal among her fellow Smurfs by granting her wishes, though the wishes Ghinelle grants along those lines have unexpected side effects. At one time, when Smurfette wished that she could have all the answers like Papa Smurf so that the other Smurfs could see her as intelligent, Ghinelle granted that wish, but it had the side effect of making every male Smurf in the village increasingly less intelligent until even Empath had the same intelligence as Dimwitty Smurf. Like Smurfette, Ghinelle dislikes Hefty's chauvinistic attitudes toward females and at one time cursed Hefty to be a female Smurf for an entire day, which really made Hefty angry to the point of feeling violated. Sometimes Ghinelle would go so far as to torment other males with her magic powers because she simply doesn't like how males treat females.

Her male counterpart, Gourdy, basically can't stand her as a genie because he believes she creates more problems as a female genie than he does. This causes the two of them to constantly get into fights that Empath and Papa Smurf, not to mention their masters Farmer and Smurfette, have to intervene in before they create havoc in the Smurf Village.


Ghinelle wears Arabian servant clothes similar to that of Gourdy, except that she doesn't wear a turban. Instead, she wears a pink ponytail that extends from the top of her head.

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