Gina Profile - Smurfs
Known RelationsThe Smurfs, The Smurfs' Piximp, and Joey McCormick
Voice ActorUnknown
First Appearance"The Giant Girl" Season 10

Gina is a character within the Expanded Animated Universe.

Background Information

She is a little Giant girl who first appears in the episode, "The Giant Girl" from Season 10. She is very peppy; like Smurfette, she loves flowers. But she gets upset when her large size destroys a flower field. She is best friends with Smurfette, Joey, and for the first time she is best friends with the Piximp who works for the Smurfs.


Gina wears a black bandana which covers the bangs of her long blonde hair, and a matching bracelet is on each wrist. Her eyes are black and her skin is pale peach. She also wears a mint green T-shirt, a red-magenta skirt, and flat black shoes.

Voice Actor(s)



  • She is as the same age as Peewit, Brenda, and Scruple.
  • She thinks the Smurfs' Piximp is cute.

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