Gourdy Fanfiction
Known RelationsFarmer Smurf (master)
Voice ActorJason Harris (Desired)

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"My master always deserves the best."

Gourdy is a character who is part of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.


He is a male genie whom Farmer Smurf encountered in his vegetable garden, who lives inside a gourd, hence the name. He is eager to please his master by granting him whatever wish he desires, though most of the time Farmer would wish for Gourdy to stop helping him. His magic words whenever he invokes his powers are "cadodah casaba", and to reverse it, he says "casaba cadodah".

He has a female counterpart named Ghinelle who lives in a perfume bottle and grants Smurfette whatever she wishes for, though usually those wishes have unexpected side effects. Gourdy basically can't stand her as a genie because he believes she creates more problems as a female genie than he does. This causes the two of them to constantly get into fights that Empath and Papa Smurf, not to mention their masters Farmer and Smurfette, have to intervene in before they create havoc in the Smurf Village.


Gourdy wears Arabian servant clothes which include a purple turban on his head. He also seems to wear a mask over his eyes.

Voice Actor

His desired voice actor would be Jason Harris, who voiced Chad Dickson on Codename: Kids Next Door.


  • Gourdy's design in the cartoon show is based on that of the genie from Peyo's comic series "Pierrot And The Lamp."

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