Greaser smurf updated design

His temporary human appearance.

Greaser Smurf
Also Known AsExperiment X-SMF 2.0 (creation name)
Nicholas (human name)
NationalityBelgium (currently)
America (formerly)
Marital StatusSingle
Known RelationsPapa Smurf (adoptive father)
Smurfette (girlfriend)
ResidenceSmurf Village (currently)
Unknown laboratory in the mid-50s (formerly)
Voice ActorRoger Craig Smith (speaking voice)
Olly Murs (singing voice)
First AppearanceA Smurfy, Yet Epic Meeting (GS Stories)
UniverseGreaser Smurf: Hero of Smurf Village
Name Translation of Greaser Smurf
FrenchSchtroumpf Graisseur
SpanishPitufo Engrasador
GermanGreifer Schlumpf
ItalianIngrassatore Puffo
DutchSmeerder Smurf
BrazilianSmurf Lubrificador

Greaser Icon

Greaser Smurf is the main hero of the Greaser Smurf: Hero of Smurf Village series. Like Finn the Human in Adventure Time, he fights evil and teams up mostly with Hefty and/or Clumsy to beat up Gargamel and protect his fellow Smurfs from danger.


Greaser is a type of modern Smurf with its proper blue skin, white hat, and small round tail. He also has black hair (stylized with hair gel), wears a black jacket with dark cool grey insides of his sleeves, a cool grey t-shirt, white pants and white Converse hi-top sneakers.


He is a nice Smurf unlike other baddie human Greasers. He also tends to beat up Gargamel whenever he tries to invade and attack Smurf Village. His personality is a mix of Fonzie from Happy Days and Finn the Human from Adventure Time. While most of his personality traits are based off on Finn, his catchphrase "Heyyyyyy!" and character design is based off on Fonzie. Actually, he is a Smurf caricature of Fonzie despite some minor differences. He also has a crush on Smurfette and is best friends with Hefty and Clumsy Smurf, and Peewit occassionally.

Greaser would correct Brainy Smurf that he is Papa Smurf's lab assistant and not his second-in-command. It was later explained that Greaser is more knowledgeable and has maturity, unlike Brainy who tends to show off and be the wise guy which causes him to be bonked in the head with a mallet or be thrown/kicked out of the village sometimes for talking too much.


He was originally created by scientists as an experiment gone wrong in the mid-1950s. His skin was blue like other Smurfs, and he also had a small tail on his bottom. That faithful night, (as the scientists were planning to destroy their creation, realizing that the world is not ready for them) he escaped the lab. The scientists were trying to catch him and take him back in, but (because Greaser was very fast) they failed to do so. Soon, he spotted a time machine. He saw that the scientists were still after him and got in the time machine real quick. He decided to take himself all the way back to the Middle Ages, and vanished leaving the scientists clueless. 

After his quick escape from the lab in the mid-50s, he saw tiny blue creatures nearby in a small village through the forest that were just his size and wore white hats and pants (which are the basic appearances of Smurfs, with the notable exceptions of Papa Smurf and Smurfette). Greaser was a type of modern Smurf and had black hair, which made him more human. After a first hostile meeting with Hefty, he introduced himself to Papa Smurf and told him that he came from the future. He explained about how he escaped from the scientists with his quick and energetic speed before they were about to destroy their creation. Papa Smurf understood his story and allowed him to stay here for as long as he wants to. But then, Brainy (who didn't like the idea and was unamused) came off with another lecture to tell the other Smurfs why a Smurf with more modern tastes is not allowed in the village. This caused Greaser to finally snap at Brainy for his know-it-all lecturing and yet he gave him a boot to the village limits.

Throughout the next five days, he learned how to speak the Smurf language and picked smurfberries with the rest of the other Smurfs in the village. The following day, as he was taking a bucket of smurfberries to Papa Smurf, he accidentally bumped into Clumsy. He checked to see if he was alright and apologized for bumping into him. After Clumsy forgave him, the two introduced themselves. Greaser explained to Clumsy about how he came to Smurf Village and how he escaped the lab before the scientists were about to destroy him for good. And then hugged each other, becoming friends. He also met up with the Smurflings, especially Slouchy, and they decided to play a song for Greaser that would actually fit his taste. Greaser was pleased with their music and applauded after their performance. As he said goodbye to the Smurflings after listening to their music, he took a long walk until he spotted Baby Smurf. He played 'smurfy cake' with him for a while. Afterwards, Smurfette came to see Greaser and thanked him for taking care of Baby Smurf. Greaser blushed as he handed Baby right over to Smurfette, and she explained to Greaser that the party is coming up to celebrate his welcome. 

Later that day, Greaser turned around to see Hefty lifting weights. Hefty apologized and told him that he thought it was one of Gargamel's creations. Greaser explained to him that he wasn't created by Gargamel, and that he was a creation by scientists from the future. He also told Hefty that the scientists were planning to kill him and made a quick escape to a time machine which sent him all the way to his time. Greaser then forgave him and the two decided to lift weights together, ultimately becoming best friends (next to Clumsy, which Greaser accidentally bumped into earlier).

Later that night, the Smurfs celebrate a party for Greaser's welcome. Soon, Gargamel interrupted their party by entering the village to surprise them. He snatched Smurfette into his hand and ran off from the village, kidnapping her. Realizing that the beautiful female Smurf is under Gargamel's clutches, Greaser (with a brave hero heart) decided to prove his bravery and rushed over to her rescue.

As he got there, he and Gargamel met each other face-to-face. Greaser told Gargamel to let go of her, and the wizard proceeds to throw her on the ground. Both the soon-to-become hero and the evil wizard begin to have a psychic showdown against each other. Gargamel caught him with his hand, but then realized that he was strong as Hefty and broke free out of Gargamel's hand. The wizard then got out his magic wand and tries to zap Greaser, but the heroic Smurf dodges every one of the wizard's zaps. He snatches the wand from Gargamel and zapped him into a burnt crisp. Finally, Greaser threw him back into his castle through the roof and Gargamel cried over his defeat. 

Back at Smurf Village, the other Smurfs cheered for him as Greaser had finally the won the heart of Smurfette, and officially became an honorary Smurf for years to come.


Season 1

  1. A Smurfy, Yet Epic Meeting
  2. Prisoners of Gargamel
  3. Sir Johan and Peewit
  4. Wizard Battle
  5. From Bad to Worse
  6. Does Brainy Know Best?
  7. Smurfberry Dreams
  8. The Curse Seen 'Round The World
  9. Inside Grouchy
  10. The Baron of Maltrochu Returns
  11. No Smurf Can Hear You
  12. Reign of Azraels
  13. Gargamel: Portrait of a Wizard

Season 2

  1. The Raven
  2. Return of the Purple Smurfs

...more coming soon


  • "I'm sorry, Hefty. But my code of honor wouldn't allow it."
  • "Hey, Smurfette. This smurfberry tea party smurfs in a big way. But, thanks for the invite."
  • "Hefty, this party is so crazy!"
  • "You're grounded, mister."
  • "Hey, Gargamel! Think fast."
  • "Smurf outta here, baldy miser wiz!"
  • "Paging Greedy Smurf! Greedy, I'd like some smurfberry ice cream for my mouth!"
  • "Hello? Papa Smurf? Hefty? Clumsy? Smurfette? What the smurf. Come on, people."
  • "Yo, is everybody out here in the bushes? Picking smurfberries?"
  • "Stop being crazy!"
  • "Don't worry, Papa Smurf! We'll take care of the ones who are infected, no matter how dangerous they look!"


  • Even though Greaser remembers the backstory of how he was created by scientists, he never mentioned the names of them and/or the name of the science lab.
    • Hefty asked if he was created by Gargamel and Greaser told him that he wasn't created by him whatsoever, considering for him to be a type of modern Smurf.
  • Like Hefty, he boots Brainy out of the village often for talking too much.
  • His human form is revealed in one episode, though he does turn back into a Smurf by the end of it.
  • His psychic showdown with Gargamel is a reference to the battles in Samurai Jack and Sailor Moon.

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