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HackusikNow he´s smurf

HakisukHackus wen he was naughty

Sikah Hackus in The smurfs 2

RaceOriginally Naughty, later Smurf
OccupationNot specified
AlignmentOriginally evil, later good
Voice ActorJ.B. Smoove
First AppearanceThe Smurfs 2 (movie)
UniverseCGI Movie

Film Icon

"Hackus gonna make big trouble!"

Background Information

Hackus(original Slovak name Hakis) is a character who appears in The Smurfs 2 as a main character and in Smurfiest smurf of a world serie. He originally was a Naughty created by Gargamel to serve him and his evil purposes, which include capturing Smurfette so that she would give the evil wizard the secret formula that would change the Naughties into Smurfs. However, when he and Vexy did become Smurfs, they would soon be used as part of Gargamel's Smurfalator for extracting Smurf essence with the result that her blue color disappeared after week (but he remained Smurf).In Part 2 the Vexy& Hackus again turned to blue Smurf

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