Hawkeye's Mask
Hawkeye's mask

Hawkeye's mask is a face mask worn by Hawkeye Smurf and his Mirror Of Opposition-created counterpart Eden Smurfette in the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series. It is a purple mask that attaches over and covers only his eyes, with the shape of the mask giving its wearer the appearance of a hawk.

The mask was created when Hawkeye as a young Smurfling was developing his enhanced sight ability at the cost of severe eye strain. Papa Smurf and Tailor created the mask with a special spell that would help ease the strain and enable Hawkeye to focus his enhanced sight ability effortlessly. This mask has remained part of Hawkeye's everyday appearance since then, and has also become part of Eden's when she came into existence through the Mirror Of Opposition. Apart from its main function, Hawkeye prefers using the mask as it gives him the appearance of a superhero.