Heart Stone Necklace - Smurfs
Heart Stone
PurposeRevitalizing body and mind
First AppearanceSeason 11
UniverseCartoon Show Expanded Universe

The Heart Stone is an object that appears in The Reluctant Dark Knight Series and the Expanded Animated Universe.

This is not to be confused with the Heart Stone that exists within the Elder Scrolls game series.

Basic Information

It is a smooth cherry pink stone known for its legendary power to revitalize the body and mind of its user. Most often it is wanted by people who need confidence to win the attention (or affection) of one or more individuals, earning it the nickname, "Lover's Gem." It is also rumored to have the power to lead the wearer to someone they love who is lost.


Unknown at this time.


  • This object is based on a necklace owned by Numbuh 404 in real life.
  • This has a sister stone.

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