Insane Smurf
Also Known AsScrewball Smurf
Known RelationsThe Smurfs
Voice ActorCharles Fleisher
First AppearanceSeason 10

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Insane Smurf (A.K.A. Screwball Smurf) is a character created by Esquilo30 appearing in Season 10; he is so named because he is out of his mind.

Background Information

He is the second lost Smurf (the other being Wild) and was found by Papa , Hefty , Smurfette, Joey, Lilac, Acorn, and Pansy in the Wacky Forest. He is full of sneaky tricks and has the ability to do the impossible - he uses them to defend himself - which are more cartoonish physicals.

One of these examples is during his debut episode where Jokey gives him one of his "surprises". However, the prank backfires when he opens the gift and it doesn't explode: instead it has a straight-jacket which he tries on and loves. He kisses him on the nose and goes running on his hands, laughing. Then a confused Jokey, not understanding why it didn't explode, looks inside the giftbox and it explodes in his face.

Another example is that he can throw numerous bombs at his disposal, creates a fake tunnel made of black paint and can enter throught it like a real tunnel (a parody of the Looney Tunes tricks) while the others can't. He can also inflate his hand like a balloon and deliver a powerful punch.

Despite his wackiness, he isn't disliked; the Smurfs prefer him over Jokey because he makes them laugh. Jokey, on the other hand, considers him a rival.


He is easily indentified by wearing an unbuckled straight-jacket and is shown sticking out his tongue and laughing a lot.

Voice Actor(s)

Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger Rabbit from the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit and other various Disney short films of the same character, is the best choice for Insane.


  • He is based off of wacky characters such as Screwy Squirrel and Aracuan Bird.

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