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"Is There A Doctor In The Village?" is a fanfiction story that is part of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. It is an adaptation of both the cartoon show episode "Calling Doctor Smurf" and the comic book story "The Haunted Castle" from Forever Smurfette by Papercutz.

About The Story

The story was originally intended to be just an adaptation of the cartoon show episode, but was eventually extended to include a comic book story adaptation to explain Dabbler's transition to becoming a doctor.

Plot Summary

Doctor Smurf With Papa Smurf

Smurfette tells Polaris Psyche how Dabbler decided to become a doctor, starting with the time when Jokey pulled a prank on him by painting pink spots on himself and several other Smurfs and then pretending that he was sick with a fatal illness, which is then followed by Papa Smurf becoming so sick that it required a few brave Smurfs to enter the Castle of Evil Spirits to retrieve the black rose.

The Story


  • Duncan McSmurf takes Hefty's place in the journey to the Castle of Evil Spirits in the second story adaptation.

Possible Voice Cast

NOTE: Empath and Polaris Psyche appear only in the framing of the story.

  • Empath -- Robert Duncan McNeill
  • Papa Smurf -- Ethan Phillips
  • Smurfette -- Hynden Walch
  • Polaris Psyche -- Tim Russ
  • Brainy -- Fred Armisen
  • Clumsy -- Jack McBrayer
  • Vanity -- Mark Meer
  • Jokey -- Max Casella
  • Tapper -- Karl Hanover
  • Duncan McSmurf -- Alan Cumming
  • Dabbler -- Jason Harris