Janus Mirror
Janus Mirror
AliasMirror Of Janus
PurposeInterdimensional travel between normal universe and Mirror Universe
First Appearance"The Other Side Of The Mirror"
UniverseEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf

The Janus Mirror is a magical mirror that Empath and Polaris discover during their world-traveling journey in "The Other Side Of The Mirror". It is actually two mirrors, one that exists in the normal universe and one that exists in the Mirror Universe, that are linked to each other and allow whoever looks into them to travel through the dimensional rift between the two universes. However, both mirrors must be in the same place in both universes to allow constant travel between the two universes or else the trip will end up becoming a one-way journey.

Empath and Polaris discover this when they find themselves in the Mirror Universe Smurf Forest and were soon captured by the Smurfs of that universe. With the help of Mirror Universe Gargamel, Empath and Polaris returned to their own universe, though it caused both mirrors to be destroyed.

The Janus Mirror is named because the figurehead on the top of the mirror is the image of Janus, the two-headed god of beginnings and ends.

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