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Juniper The Fireworks Smurfette


Family & Fantasy

Original airdate

December 5th, 2015



Smurf aging


1-50 years



Young adult


Fully mature





Main characters

Juniper, Lunar, World, Smurfette, Smurf Knight, Phoenix, Richard, Nanette, Sassette

Juniper's generation

Velvette, Vanity, Hefty, Kixie, Jokey, Dixie, Brainy, Paige, Confetti, Boppity, Harmony, Melody, Opalescent, Painter, Greedy, Smurfberry, Dreamy, Marshmallow, Blogette, Blandy, Handy, Marmalade, Insomnia, Lazy, Poet, Roxette, Clumsy, Tripzette, Mango, Congo, Whispy, Chatty, Grouchy, Lockette, Sweepy, Pearlescent, Hopscotch, Jaxie, Willpower, Collectionette, Mathmetition, Gadget, Maniac, Randomette, Farmer, Flora, Doctor, Nurse, Chemist, Difference, Veternarian, Wild, Sebastianette, Sniffles, Limpette, Nosy, Shadow, Tracker, Clever, Grippy, Tradette, Reporter, Photoshop, Musketeer, Victorie, Scarfy, Soxie, Phobia, Jumpy, Stampede, Tallie, Lovestruck, Seranade, Tatoo, Stampy, Positive, Sobbette, Busybody, Springy, Miner, Ruby, Seamstress, Tailor, Marco, Pepper, Chopper, Frizzy, Timber, Maple, Wayne, Toyette, Aimie, Bolty, Twitty, Stutterette, Sculpty, Animator, Carefree, Ruthie, Tuffy, Buffie, Wooly, Dandelion, Frogger, Tumble, Parade, Masquerade, Snickery, Marky, Dumpy, Junebug, Clockwork, Clockette, Cobbler, Tinette, Scatterbrain, Genius, Percussion, Rumblette, Gymnasia, Fantastic, Molly, Delivery, Minty, Green, Albino, Blinky, Techno, Kaleidoscope, Astronomer, Ureika, Pedly, Uni, Snappy, Nat, Slouchy, Zelda, Hug-A-Lot, Vanellope, Vexy, Hackus, Samoan, Simon, Pushover, Obsticle, Red, Cherry, Yellow, Lemon, Striker, Aurette


Cario, Garlica, Watissa, Marina, Syrcy, Puppy, Smoogle, Cuddles, Feathers, The Seven Spacies, Corky, Princess Promenade, Bluehan, Cupid, Fruitcake Smurf, Mother Nature, Father Time, Calicoto, Ike, Patrick, Grace, Lady Love, Lady Luck, Farfire, Lokono, Mother Flutterfly, Cleo, Homnibus, Whinefred, Princess Clara Of Paris, Pewitt, Johan, Princess Savina, Mirako, Kasa, Karina, Mysty, Lulanda Lapis, Sylvette, Clammy, Sorcerer Smurf's Ghost, The Sugar Mice, The Tropiturn Pixies, Sir Poppery


Gargamel, Scruple, Gargantuan, The Pilus, The Sour Patch Kins, Bigmouth, Allura, King Gingerbread Smurf, Koros, Hagatha, The Morpher Smurfs, Unsmurfy, Gold Goblins, Eros, Night Fright, Walro, Mirako, The Embers, Irrila, Gorzay, Pixlo

World's generation

World, Oliver, Marvella, Stanza, Symphony, Tinter, Souffle, Creamcake, November, Rascal, Trixie, Fashionista, Infinity, Fantasy, Nemo, Tracie, Boomerang, Scarlett, Spike, Invader, Winky, Tango, Teddy, Clockling, Nina, Daring, Tacky, Hooky, Sasparilla, Scrunchy, Stitches, Sugar, Arcadic, Slippy, Someday, Nightshine, Perfect, Fickle, Glitches, Echo, Disco, Oddity, Conquer, Integrity, Yander, Celebration, Pyschedelic, Streamers, Roomy, Speedway, Lendy, Zesty

New allies

Carolina, Puppy's triplets, The Petaluma Twins, Charity, Tickle, Taki, Rorique

Ancestors of the smurfs

Sorcerer, Sapphire, Century, Popurri, Typewriter, Jerk, Friendly, Sympathy, Cookie, Dandy, Goofy, Emotionette, Racketeer

New enemies

Gorgomalt, Bigtongue

Descendants of the past smurfs

Bernadette, Jezebel, Marzipan, Cinnabon, Texter, Lionheart, Valentina, Secret, Juliette, Gamer, Connect, Frogger

Juniper: The Fireworks Smurfette (Formerly 'The Smurfettes') is a new series created by PinkStrawberries3. It was first thought of on December 4th, and finally began airing a day later. This series is a continuation to the mysteriously put on hiatus mainstream media cartoon show.

The premesis revolves around a smurfette named Juniper, who was created in a sunset eclipse when a wizard named Cario was granting his friend Papa's wish of having his first daughter. After several future troubles experienced by the smurfs and two smurfettes, Juniper is dubbed the fireworks smurfette for her special gift of turning tragedies into miracles.

As the tale proceeds, new additions are introduced to make the story even better.

Notable Differences

  • Smurfs are not naturally one gendered in this series.
  • Smurfettes are able to be born naturally with no magic, but they are really rare.
  • Juniper is the half older sister of Baby and Babette, since she was born by an eclipse instead of a blue moon, though they both were created by Cario.
  • Smurfette is the born daughter of Nanette and Hickory, who got kidnapped by Gargamel and morphed evil. Her mom identified her and put the true blue touch on her to bring her back.
  • Baby smurf and an added Babette Smurfette make their debuts in the season 3 episode, Once In A Blue Moon.
  • Wild is able to speak in 3rd person.
  • Sorcerer was a real smurf, and actually the first in existence.
  • The blue moon turns the entire forest blue. This made it easier for the figment of the night to find the village and kidnap Baby, Babette, and later Phoenix.
  • Papa is referred to as Richard, because he's not the parent of all the smurfs and smurfettes.
  • The smurfs and smurfettes have parents.
  • Also, Nanny's name changed to Nanette to make her sound more youthful, and Grandpa's got changed to Hickory.
  • Grandpa is the best friend of Papa, not his dad.
  • Papa has a wife.
  • Vexy and Hackus were originally still naughties, only aged down to kids.
  • Nanette, Papa, Flower, and Grandpa are made younger so having kids can make sense.
  • Smurfs are able to naturally live without a long life stone.
  • The smurflings were originally naughties.
  • Sassette has super powers.

Main Voices

Juniper--Tress MacNeille

Smurfette--Andrea Libman

Lunar--Tony Stark

Smurf Knight--Jerry Seinfeld

Sassette--Janysee Jaud

Phoenix--Tara Strong

Nanette--Jodi Benson

Papa--Don Messick

Gargamel--Paul Winchell


Coming soon

Stories Prior to This Series

These are real episodes and stories from the actual tv show or comics that kinda add up to, give body, or relate to The Smurfettes.

  • The Smurfette
  • The Astro Smurf
  • Puppy
  • A Mere Truffle
  • Once In A Blue Moon (includes Babette)
  • The Smurfs & The Magic Flute
  • Lure Of The Orb
  • The Masked Pie Smurfer
  • The Color Smurfy
  • Painter & Poet
  • The Hundreth Smurf
  • The Smurfs Movie
  • Smurf On The Wild Side
  • Spelunking Smurfs
  • Squeaky
  • A House For Nanny
  • Smurfette's Flower
  • The Gingerbread Smurfs


The Fireworks Smurfette Returns--After years since getting kidnapped by Gargamel and brainwashed into beleiving he is her true father, Juniper overcomes it and helps her true family escape Earth before Gargamel destroys it in hopes of extincting the smurfs. (He already sent the humans to planet Golland as prisoners)

Two Moons, Near Anews--Mother nature has granted the smurfs their own planet, and as they are getting settled, Dreamy discovers two blue moons and they start growing a new smurf patch. Gargamel, unfortunately, learns about the possibility of more smurfs and tries destroying the two moons. Juniper will discover a way to protect them.

Journey To The Smurfberries--An island on planet Smurf has been found: full of smurfberries. A voyage is set up by Marco and a few others to harvest them--with a price.

The Skies' The Limit--Smurfette learns more about her new home as she can make wishes to the atmosphere, and they will come true. However, this could get out of control if all the smurfs find out and start asking for stuff too.

The Smurflings--Gargamel creates young naughties to go against the smurfs: Sassette, Snappy, Nat, Slouchy, Hug-A-Lot, Vexy, and Hackus. Juniper and the others must capture them to perform the true blue spell on them.

Sassette's Secret--Several weeks after becoming a real smurf, Sassette starts noticing some changes within herself: fire breath, and the fact that her appearance on general changes daily at sunset. Could she be Juniper's sidekick?

They Came From Space--A species of smurf called the seven spacies hear about Juniper, saying she's part of Jupiter and should join their club. The others worry their hero might forever leave them.

The Great Smurfette Chase--It's that time of year again, and now that Juniper has joined Smurfette as a beautiful figure, she too is getting alot of special attention from the smurfs--apparently too much.

Pizza Every Saturday--Greedy has invented a new tradition around the village, where they eat pizza every Saturday. Gargonzola needs red pepper for his soup, and steals it from his kitchen. Juniper now helps Greedy get it back before Persnickety smurf throws a fit.

The Other Smurfs--A group called the Other Smurfs invade the planet to reak havoc among the regular smurfs. Juniper must find the origin of their existence.

Lunar The Fireworks Smurf--Juniper goes on a hike to the waterfalls with Hickory, Papa, Smurfette, and the Smurflings--leaving Lunar in charge of everything. Is he up to the challenge?

Smurfy Charms (finished)--The smurfs tell Juniper the story of a boy named Mirako kidnapping a few smurfs beleiving they're good luck. Now, they must do something clever to get out of this.

Boys Boys Boys--Gargamel and his family send Scruple and his friends to the smurfs' planet to cause havoc there. Juniper will discover a new power, that just might send them back to where they came from.

Party under the sea--Marina sends Handy an invitation to her celebration, and requests two friends. He chooses Lunar and Stampede, who later save the day when the birthday girl is kidnapped by Walro for the king of the manatees.

The Imposter Smurf--Hagatha creates a smurf named Unsmurfy, with a camera built inside him, and everything to avoid physical contact in order to get beauty hacks from the smurfettes. Will she succeed if her Unsmurfy Smurf is slowly getting on the others's nerves?

Smoogle's Girl Smoogle meets a blue rabbit named Cuddles, who turns out to be Nanette's lost pet, whom she happily takes back.

The Next Smurfettes--Chemist smurf tells Brainy to toss out a failed formula. Brainy chooses the well to dump it in, and a bolt of lightning hits the mixture of water and formula...resulting in a bunch of new additions for the smurfs.

The Pink Smurf--A smurf named Pinky is at first treated like he's got a desese by the other smurfs, but really might be the cure when they all come down with something.

Reality Beyond The Lens--Lovestruck is given a gift from Seranade, who hopes she sees him as her true love. However, she runs away after causing trouble from not seeing reality, and gets in bigger trouble when she mistakes Gargamel for a handsome prince.

The Rainbow Gems--Willpower Smurf has a tendency to grab everything he wants without permission when he can't resist, getting him in real trouble when he takes an ancient treasure box off it's rightful place and summoning an imp who could strike trouble for him and the others. In the end, he vows to never take random things again.

Quick with the mist--Stampede smurf meets a ghoul named Mysty, who wishes she had friends to attend her halloween party. So, he convinces the others to come...all to one problem...Gargamel the ghost buster.

The Upgrades--Clockwork and Clockette get renevated to look more realistic, but get rained on and get their memories washed. Gargamel uses them against the smurfs.

Midnight Surprise --Flower Smurfette tells Juniper she's about to become a big sister. However, a dark force wants to take the babies for himself. Can Juniper save them before he can hurt her family?

The Other Smurfs--While completing a quest, a few smurfs accidentally shatter a cursed mirror, which allows evil smurfs called embers to come into their world and reak havoc. Not having their own smurfettes because they're in a different mirror, the male embers try taking away the smurfs' smurfettes. Can they find a way to chase them back to where they came from?

The Great Pie Smurfer--Greedy and Smurfberry get jealous of this so called great pie smurfer, who promises everyone yummy pies in store, and want to find out his true identity. They learn he's a worker of gargamel, and try to bust him before it's too late.

Blue Dude (finished)--Marshmallow Smurfette is the only one capable of seeing a pony named Blue Dude, and the others think she's just crazy. Dreamy is first to see her 'float' one night. Can Marshmallows prove his existence by getting him home to his parents?

Sound of Music--Harmony and Melody think their music sounds amazing, and thus, start their own band. However, Irrila hates songs, and tries to stop it. Can Harmony and Melody get it back?

What goes around, Smurfs back around--A karma enchantress named Karina teaches the smurfs and smurfettes to get along after repeatedly mistreating each other.

Ickle Ockle, Catch The Bubble--Juniper and her three friends are determined to catch Watissa the water sprite before she falls forever in a well with the rest of her friends, using a riddle, to also rescue the rest of her friends.

Day Of The Smurfette--Smurfette is the most popular among the other grown smurfettes, making them jealous. But then, they realize her importance after watching her past and future at Father Time's tower.

Swapped--The Smurflings and adult smurfs swap ages. How can four adults possibly control over two hundred smurflings?

Denisa's Dolly -- Denisa misses her best friend Sassette so much, that she gets her uncle to make a lookalike doll. Little does she expect the doll to be the REAL Sassette, who lost her powers.

Rapunzel Smurfettes--Determined that she's gonna get smurfette hair, Hogatha creates little hairbrushes that purposely extend a smurfette's hair so she can easily trade.

The Other Clockworks---Clockwork and Clockette feel different from the other smurfs, and wish they could talk to others like them. This is handy's biggest project ever: to create a village of other clockwork smurfs and smurfettes!

The Sishaper (finished)--Roxette loses her voice after rehearsing her love song to poet, snd she meets a creature mixed with siren and shapeshifter who can help her.

The Enticing Spice--All the sleeping smurfs and smurfettes go wandering in the night after a luring scent; all except Insomnia who can save them!

The Most Selfish Smurfette--Velvette gets her medicine for being so narcisstic after getting knocked out by a mock stone Jumiper created to teach her a lesson.

Garlica the bride--Garlica invites the smurfs and smurfettes to her wedding. Gargamel, however, feels this marriage stuff to be disgusting, and tries to convince his sister otherwise with the help of Eros.

Ain't Just A Dream--Marshmallow meets a real swoof that she tells to wait until tomorrow to surprise dreamy. However, the swoof is having trouble keeping it secret.

Made Of Saturn--Velvette wishes she could have a little sister too like smurfette on a dandelion, and it comes true! However, she is made of Saturn dust, which can turn a victim over into a Saturnian.

Opalescent & Roxette--These two smurfettes can't seem to get along. That is until they get stranded together and must bond to get home.

Kasa's Curse--An imp sprite with a curse can bring danger to the smurfs that she doesn't want to happen, so she avoids them. Sassette is determined to help, so together, they go to break the curse.

The Littlest Smurfs--Red, Green, Yellow, Cherry, Minty, and Lemon are all underestimated for their size. After receiving a challenge from a gnome, they start it to prove their importance.

A Wacky Wednesday--The smurfs go on picnic and get lost in a whole new part of the forest.

No Rainbow Without Light--The smurfs and smurfettes help an injured rainbow, slowly losing color without the sun to give her light. Can they get the sun to shine using a song written by roxette to help him overcome shyness from developing a hot spot (acne for stars)?

Lure of the Urb--Poet, Lunar, and Smurf Knight fall under Allura's love spell, and their girlfriends must save them before she uses them.

Sixteen Days It has been raining for sixteen days straight on the smurf planet, and Juniper must find the source--a cloud goblin named Weather, who she tries to make happy and end the episode.

The Smurfcade--Handy and Techno introduce the new Smurfcade, which allows smurfs to go in and play in a fantasy. Unfortunately, a game hacker named Pixlo plans on glitching it up to where they could get stuck inside!

Smurf On The Fruity Side (finished)--It's Christmas time, and the smurfs and smurfettes are expecting the legendary fruitcake smurf to visit after 100 years. However, being shy and easily shooken, he thinks again about coming when he sees Hefty eating a ton of fruitcake. How can the others convince him it's a safe environment? Especially when Hefty the fruitcake beast breaks out?

January Bay -- A few smurfs and smurfettes are sent out on a new years eve morning to collect milk orchids from a nearby kingdom. The princess becomes their only obsticle when she prevents them from getting any, after an incident in the past. Attack of the king gingerbread smurf--Wayne Smurf fools around trying to cook like Greedy, but ends up creating a single batch of one big king!

Mermaid For Each Other--Handy invites Marina to live with him and finds a way to propose to her after she becomes a smurfette.

The Smurfs & The Pilus--Poet is taken prisionor by tiny humans called pilus, who think he's a giant, and also mistreat the other smurfs. However, they share a temporary friendship until they revert back to normal size and accidentally trample the pilus village.

Trick or Scream--Juniper is challenged to collect the candied smurfberries from a haunted farm, before the sour patch kids are summoned. At the same time, Gargamel needs sour patch kins for his chowder at a party. Can Juniper for once get along with him to rid of their troubles?

Sorcerer Smurf Returns--Gargamel tries turning the smurfs into gold, but only changes their skin gold in the process. This action may also bring up early signs of Smurf and Smurfette's destinies! Including being the only ones to see the ghost of the real Sorcerer Smurf.

The Prophecy--Sometime after their birthdays, Smurfette and Smurf learn their true destinies since they've come of age.

The Golden Goblins--Four smurfs find an anthropomorphic goblin statue made of gold, and unaware of her true reason for getting frozen, they release her and she reaks havoc with her kind looking for the amulets Smurfette and Smurf possess.

The Screech--The smurfs and smurfettes face a sound worse than harmony's music, and must stop the source before the forest becomes ashes, and they revert back into blue moon dust.

Oppisates attract--Sobbette and Positive are obviously attracted to each other. Positive really wants to see his girl smile, but how can he make her? Juniper has an idea.

Friendless Smurf--A smurf named Friendless beleives he's the loneliest smurf alive, but changes his mind when he meets a fairy smurfette in the same situation, only she's the last of her kind. Together, they become best friends, and get lost in the forest at night. Friendless offers her to move in with him so they never lose contact.

Color Power--Miner discovers black and white gems created by Chlorhydris, and takes it to the village. Opalescent gets affected first, as the gems suck away her hair color giving her the plain colors. They soon start noticing that the personaluties of every smurf are also being drained. The survivors, Painter, Juniper, and the color fairy try to get everything back after learning who's up to this scheme.

Smurfette's Star--Smurfette meets Lucky, her favorite star, and must help her get back in space without Gargamel interfering.

The Tamerenian--A species of smurf visits the smurf village to try and adapt there after her home planet is destroyed. While the others do take a shine to her, she's still outcast in the things they do. With Juniper's help, she can possibly become part of the family.

Lovestricken-- Lovestruck Smurfette gets hit four times accidentally by Cupid's arrows during his practice, and falls for four Smurfs--setting up conflict with their special smurfettes.

The Glowberries--The smurfs and ssmurfettes find a new type of berry secretly made by Allura to get them attached. Poet is immune this time, since his body had time to build immunity towards that kind of drug, joined by Smurf Knight, Juniper, Lunar, and Smurfette because they're supernatural.

Lapis in need--A species of smurf with very rich blue skin can control how blue the ocean is. However, something is driving them away, and one lapis named Lulanda is gonna get help before the ocean loses it's essence.

A Night At The Palace--Smurfette is invited to stay with Princess Savina and Clockette for a night. However, Gargamel is visiting the same place to try barganing for gold, and when he learns Smurfette is there, this means trouble.

The Smurfette Spa After noticing their irritability, Handy comes up with a secluded place for the smurfettes to vent.

Garlica's kid--After several months of being married, Garlica becomes a mom to her first daughter. Smurf, however, starts feeling jealous.

Reversed--Smurfette and Smurf become evil again after gargamel curses them. Can love flames from the cupid dragon reset them back to normal if Juniper's heart powers can't?

True Blue Fumes--Lunar tries building up enough courage to propose to Juniper, but before he gets the chance, Chlorhydris releases a fume that turns all the smurfettes cold hearted. Only the smurfs, who are immune to the spell, can break it.

Spring Fling -- It's about time the Smurfs and Smurfettes get married. But Eros and Chlorhydris team up this time to cause conflict by releasing the Morpher Smurfs. Not if Cupid can help! Will Juniper's powers overcome the evil force?

Dynomyte The Hottest Guy-- Several months after they all get married, the smurfs and smurfettes go on vacation where a caveimp named Dynomyte tries to sway the smurfettes into dating him.

Smurfs of the future--Juniper is taken to a hill in the night where her descendant Bernadette Smurfette warns her about something. The next day, she and the others try to help rid of gargamel's poison and try to eliminate him for good in the limited time given by Bernadette and Father time to stop the extinction of the smurfs...and this may be Gargamel's last attack--with signs of someone spectacular coming to change Smurfette and Smurf Knight's lives forever...a future warrior. (Prequel to next series)

Juniper Shorts

  • Legend of the Growlygark--Greedy eats too many cookies while listening to Poet's story. As a result, the smurfs and smurfettes hear a giant growl, fearing it's the ravenous creature, but in the's greedy's stomachache!
  • Blue Moon O's--Greedy launches a new cereal in honor of Baby and Babette.
  • Smoogle's Girl--Smoogle meets another bunny like him, only with blue fur, named Cuddles. Where did she even come from?
  • Change In Dress--The smurfs and smurfettes start getting bored with their everyday wear, so Tailor, Seamstress, and Velvette promise to create a new trend.
  • Failed Wife--Gargamel uses Denisa's doll to make himself a wife. However, things go overboard after Jokey Smurf adds sugar to the mix and she thinks Denisa is her daughter. Balthazar ends up marrying her, as a result.
  • One Golden Honeymoon--Smurfette and Smurf spend four months away together.
  • Like A Mother--Velvette is curious as to what it's like being a mother, so Smurfette gets her old friend Mother Flutterfly to show her by letting Velvette babysit Cleo.
  • The Puppet Smurf--Tinette decides she wants to create a puppet smurf based on Handy's clockwork smurfs.
  • The Chocolate Smurf--Smurf sets off to get a variety of chocolates for his pregnant wife, Smurfette. It's both a daunting and dangerous mission visiting the human sized hershey factory without falling in one of the pits!
  • Phoenix Walks--After experiencing a nightmare, baby Phoenix manages to get over to her parents' bed!

Alternate Reality Stories

  • Ten Days Time--The smurfs and smurfettes suspect the earth getting abnormally hot, and start preparing to evacuate by building a giant rocket ship to carry the animals and themselves to a new planet with surprise beings already occupying it. Will they be friendly enough to let them stay?
  • Swapped Love--How much different would it be if it was Dreamy who got a crush on Marina? Then who's for Handy? Perhaps a beautiful Swoofette.
  • Smurfatoille--A parody of the Disney movie, Ratatouille. Smurf has a passion for cooking, and meets a poor man who needs help cooking to impress the princess of Paris. Their only obstacle is getting Smurf back to his family safely without the boss of the palace kitchen, Gargamel, hurting him.
  • Sailor Smurfette--Smurfette, and seven other smurfettes become heroines of love and justice in another reality.
  • Smurf On The Other Side--What if Smurfette was searching for her soulmate, only to learn she's created him in a special cave made of copystone?

Juniper The Fireworks Smurfette: Next Generation


  1. Up In The Stars--Juniper and Lunar want to have their own daughter, and so they ask Mother Nature to make them another miracle in the stars.
  2. The Smurfling (finished)--Smurfette finally has a special arrival at sunrise, called The Dawn Of The Warrior Smurf, which once happened with Smurfette too, introducing her and Smurf Knight's daughter named Smurfling.
  3. Just One Word--Being 2 years of age, it's time for baby Smurfling and World to say their first word, but it won't be too easy getting them to the ceremony mushroom. Gorgomalt magically turns the moon blue before it's time to create his own figment of the night in order to destroy Smurfling as a way of revenge towards her family for killing off gargamel.
  4. The Next Warrior Smurf--Phoenix learns about her true heritage on her 150th birthday, and immediately encounters her first mission no later.

More to come!


  • Some Smurfettes aren't just the gender bend of their Smurf, for they have their own similar talents.
  • Most of the smurfs and smurfettes moved away from their parents at about 300 years of age.
  • All the smurfettes have bangs of some sort: either classic or their own style.
  • One of the episodes got deleted for being nonsensical. It was called, "Jealousy Strikes".
  • The time frame takes place in the 16th century in The Smurfettes.
  • By the next generation series, it's the 19th-21st century.
  • Bernadette travels to the past from the 25th century.

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