Karma Profile 2

Kid-Karma (Digital) - Smurfs

OccupationPrankster and Singer
AlignmentMischievous & Quirky, but Good
Marital StatusGoing Steady with Ripple (Current)
Known RelationsNone Known
ResidenceWoodsprite Hollow
Voice ActorSpeaking: Kathy Najimy (Desired)

Singing: Dawn Upshaw or Numbuh 404 (Desired)

First Appearance"Tripped Up" Season 10
UniverseExpanded AU

Karma is a character within the Expanded Animated Universe, created by Numbuh 404.

Background Information

She is a female Woodsprite who is talkative, optimistic, and very adventurous. She loves playing pranks as much as any other Woodsprite does, but doesn't always get laugh out of being pranked herself (sort of like Jokey Smurf). She is generally energetic - always on her feet - and loves Buttercups.

She is also an astounding singer, capable of reaching high notes that normally a Woodsprite cannot, but she never sings if someone's nearby. She only shares her talent with people she's most comfortable around (which is few).

Signature Prank

She is best known for her "Gotcha Gag," in which she will take someone's main interest, create a diversion (usually involving startling a bird or another animal), and while her victim is distracted, will set up a trip wire/root/rope a few feet in front of them. Then, she runs ahead of them and use their main interest (gems for humans, gold for leprechauns, etc.) to draw them forward; the sap falls flat on their face and she gets a good laugh.

Her jokes are pulled on a "do I feel it or not" basis, so some days she'll be tripping people up left and right, and other days she might lay back and let someone else have a go.

Relationship with Mystico

She seldom sees Mystico, and although she accepts his and Ripple's friendship, is unwilling to participate in activities involving him. She simply does not condone his influence, and worries about him turning on Ripple one day and changing him into a goblin forever.

Relationship with Hethera

She and Hethera hit it off surprisingly well and have discovered that they both share a love for wild flowers and singing. Karma is delighted to have girl time with her and will often walk and talk/sit with her for hours on end (unless Ripple and Mystico step in at some point).

Relationship with the Smurfs

Also through Ripple, Karma has been introduced to the Smurfs and was delighted to hear the story of his first encounter with them, starting with the Smurflings. They tell her all about how he created chaos in their village, tried to impress them by pranking Gargamel, them being captured and how he went back for help, his bravery when he faced the old wizard in his hovel, and how they saved him when he himself was caught. He wraps up the tale with the final note that the Smurfs taught him how there are more ways to impress others than pranks (considering that was all he knew how to do for many years).


She is especially close to Jokey because they loves pranks (obviously), admires Camouflage for returning Mystico to the fountain on his previous release (Ripple tends to give him a cold shoulder), and becomes good friends with Moxette for her mockery talent. Likewise, they all agree she is a good match for the formerly wild and uncontrollable Ripple.

Least Favorites

She does not directly admit to the Smurfs that she strongly detests Reporter, Fooly, Lazy, or Clumsy because they are hard to prank. Either they can't take a joke or, in Clumsy's case, don't understand the joke. One of her biggest pet peeves is to watch an amateur flop and not learn from it (but she'll think it's funny if they show they've learned from a past mistake).

Relationship with Drefuse Sylke

To be expanded later!

Season 10 Episodes

Karma appears alongside Ripple - though not as frequently - time and again either to help the Smurfs or deal with her own problems and adventures. Sometimes she is busy cleaning up a mess her boyfriend gets into.

  • Tripped Up (Ep. 6) -- Her debut episode in which she meets and falls in love with Ripple.
  • Mystico Returns (Ep. 10) -- In this she is a minor character; she only appears towards the end of the episode when Ripple goes to the fountain too late to see his best friend.
  • We Smurf You a Smurfy Christmas (Ep. 20) -- Karma and her boyfriend share the celebration with the Smurfs and Goblins, but when Chlorhydris casts a wicked spell on the world, she and a small group of friends set out to save everyone. She is relieved that Ripple is okay by the end, and enjoys the remainder of the holiday.
  • Beyond the Mirror's Reflection (Ep. 25) -- She and Ripple are shown a strange enchanted mirror by the Smurfs and intrigued by what she sees in it. She worries about her love, however, when his reaction is more shocking than expected.
  • A Smurfy Valentine's Day (Ep. 42) -- She and Ripple are background characters sharing in the romantic atmosphere with everyone else.
  • Fooly's Woodsprite Friends (Ep. 47) -- She and Ripple meet Fooly Smurf and becomes friends with him.

Season 11 Episodes

Karma is set to become a strong secondary character in Season 11, nearly inseparable from her lover, and they take their relationship to new levels as time goes on.


With pale skin, large eyelashes, and a slender figure, Karma is easy on the eyes: her long red hair has short cropped bangs and is tied into a low-hanging ponytail by a cobalt blue band.

Season 10

Her dark ivy witch hat matches the long-sleeve tunic/dress which has a tan collar, belt, and inner fabric. The front below the belt is a semi-cut petal shape and the back is long, similar to a men's trench coat. Under this she has a pair of cobalt blue trousers, above-ankle length, and matching shoes. Her accessories include a pair of cobalt crystal earrings and an unusual gold pendant with a symbol on it: she does not translate this symbol for anyone: it must be guessed.

Voice Actor(s)

Karma would most likely be voiced by someone with a tomboyish inflection, best captured by Kathy Najimy, who was Tilly the Hippo in the 1997 movie Cats Don't Dance, and is currently Peggy Hill on King of the Hill. Being an opera singer as well, she would best be voiced by Dawn Upshaw, a well known operatic soprano of the 20th - 21st Century, or Numbuh 404 since she is also a gifted singer.


  • The only person who can correctly translate the symbol on her pendant is her true love.
  • Her song is Glitter and be Gay sung by Dawn Upshaw for the Broadway show, "Candide." A more modern choice would be The One That Got Away by Katy Perry.
  • Her color scheme is partially based off of the descriptive lyrics from Culture Club's song Karma Chameleon, but this was not the premise of her creation. It it simply a wonderful coincidence.
  • In "Beyond the Mirror's Reflection," it is revealed that her most recent past life was Maeve the Imp.

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