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The Kate Smurfette Stories is a series created by SmurfGirl10.


Kate is a young Smurfette who is born to Clumsy, Daphne, Clavata, Jelliot, Blitz, Anna, and Smurfette. She has five mothers, and one father. She loses her I Love My Family dress and they have to go on a quest to find it. Will she find it? Find out in this series.


Some of the stories are:

  • Frosty
  • Why Am I Raised By So Many Clumsy Smurfs and Smurfettes?

More to come soon...

Rules of Conduct

1. No mean users editing this series. No rude comments and no foul language, either. I will report this straight to an admin. Foul language is not appropriate on this wiki. Any one of you post a rude comment, you will be blocked by an admin.

2. No editing without permission. Ask me first.

3. No copying, if you copy a character, it will be removed by me.

4. Have fun seeing new pages made by me every day!

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