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Katie good
Katie Smurfling
Also Known AsNerd Smurfling
Known RelationsThe Smurfs
Voice ActorUnknown
Universe"A New Generation" Comics

 Katie is a character in Swallows' universe.

Background Information

She is the adopted daughter of Brainy and Smarty Smurfette. Her closest friend is Hanna Smurfling. Katie is not a very social Smurf; unlike the rest of her friends, she would rather spend her free time studying for an upcoming test than play smurfball.


Katie wears a white Smurf cap with a red triangle on the sides which represents the Legend of Zelda - she takes a fascination to it. She also wears a dark green dress and brown Ugg boots that are also inspired by LoZ. She has long, dark blonde hair that covers her eyes.

Voice Actor(s)

Jennifer Darling is a good choice - she formally voiced Princess Savina in the cartoon show, and Irma from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series.


  • She is also called Nerd Smurf due to her impressive math skills.
  • Most Smurfs t hink that it is hard to see but Katie manages.
  • Her math smarts often get her bullied around by the other Smurfs, including Hanna's brother Sporty.

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