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King Copprick Profile - Smurfs

King Copprick, Teenager - Smurfs

King Copprick
Also Known As"Copper" (by Falla)
AlignmentBad, but not Evil
Marital StatusSingle
Known RelationsFalla Cye (Sister)
ResidenceCye Castle
Voice ActorDee Bradley Baker (Desired)
First AppearanceUnknown
UniverseRDK Stories/Expanded AU

King Copprick (AKA "Copper") is an character in The Light and Dark Series and the Expanded Animated Universe, created by Numbuh 404.

Background Information

Formerly Prince Copprick, he is cocky, comical, and mildly narcissistic. His mother passed away shortly after giving birth to him, so he never knew her. He was raised by his father - and occasionally his older sister. He is very close to his father, and they have always done everything together from fishing to drafting new proclamations.

Relationship with Falla

Princess Falla is his older sister and the only female role model from infancy.

Sibling Rivalry

They never got along growing up; in fact, it wasn't uncommon for their fighting to stop by any means less than being physically pulled apart. However, there were times where their rivalry seemed to halt, like if one was sick, bringing their bickering to a "cease fire." Most often if he was sick, Falla would tend to him like a mother. This never lasted long enough to patch up their differences because he thought of her as an airheaded idealist when they were little.

Rise to Power

He claimed the throne instead of her when their father passed away and revelled in the fact that he was superior to her. When he took power, his first order of business was to lock her up for protesting his ruling.

After realizing she had escaped before his plan was carried out, he decided to let her live so long as she never returned. Since then he has not heard from her, nor has he cared; his main objective is to keep his throne and take care of his homeland. More to come upon his introduction!


Copprick has red-orange hair with bangs that flip up and is cut short in the back. He has pale skin, standard black eyes, a thin figure, and stands about 3'6" in American measurement. He wears a fancy red velvet, fur-trimmed, gold-finished crown, which matches the staff he carries around from time to time - both symbolize his authority. His light green tunic reaches his knees and wrists with fur trimming on the edges, and his darker sleeves are puffy. His leggings are yellow, shoes are dark green, and his fur-trimmed cape - worn only when he is out in public - is black with a yellow medal holding it over his shoulders.

Voice Actor(s)

Dee Bradley Baker is known for being Numbuh 4 (and various other voices) on Codename: Kids Next Door, and Steve Smith from American Dad, so he is a suitable choice for Copper.


  • He is in the same age range as Peewit and Scruple (9-12); he is 10 years old, and 14 in the second picture.
  • Though he refuses to admit it, he sometimes misses his big sister.
  • He is rather close-minded about letting women into his life since he grew up motherless and always quarreling with his only sibling.

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