King Gerard Profile - Smurfs
Original Outfit

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King Gerard
Also Known AsPrince Gerard (Former)

"Jerry" (by Close Friends)

Marital StatusInterested in Dating (Current)
Known RelationsThe Good King (Uncle)
Sir Malcolm (Uncle)
Imperia (Aunt)
Leopold (Uncle)
Princess Savina (Cousin)
Marion Sourberry (Legal Guardian)
ResidenceHis Kingdom
Voice ActorPhil Proctor (Original)

Kenneth Branagh (Desired)

First AppearanceOriginal: "The Clockwork Smurf" Season 1

Fanon: "The Reluctant Dark Knight" Season 1 Finale

UniverseLD Stories

King Gerard (formerly Prince Gerard) is a character from the cartoon show. His Wiki page is located here. He is also a character in The Light and Dark Series.

Background Information

Before his coronation, his aunt Imperia had shut him up in a dungeon, making the rest of the kingdom believe that he was suffering an illness. However, shortly before she was to be coronated as queen, Prince Gerard had an unexpected visitor in the form of Clockwork Smurf who had run away from the Smurf Village after becoming aware of himself. With Clockwork's help, the prince fled to the Smurf Village where he received help from the Smurfs in retaking the kingdom away from his scheming aunt. Following his coronation, he made Clockwork his personal advisor and has assisted the Smurfs whenever possible.

He mainly appears in the Season 1 Finale where he carries out his own plot within the story. He asks for help from his uncle, the King, about deciding a queen to accompany him and receives his friends, Johan and Peewit, as the answer.

Known Family

Throughout the cartoon series whenever his majesty appears, he is either with Clockwork, Johan and Peewit, or some relative that is seldom seen again. The following have been seen:

  1. Princess Savina -- his cousin (in fanon, she is several months older than him) who loves both him and Clockwork. She visits his kingdom from time to time, almost always escorted by others. He usually writes to her in times of good or ill either for advice or appearance (example: when Clockwork was water-logged, he asked her to help find Handy to have him repaired).
  2. The Good King -- his uncle who also loves him dearly, but does not show as much attention to him as Savina since he has his own kingdom to look after. He occasionally exchanges letters with him, but they do not see one another often.
  3. Imperia - his aunt who despises him since her original plan to take his throne failed; he keeps no contact with her unless Clockwork advises so.
  4. Leopold -- his uncle who also tried to take his throne; with his plans thwarted by Johan, Peewit, and the renewed Clockwork Smurf, he was banished from the kingdom and has not been heard from since.
  5. Malcom -- (AKA "Malcom the Mean") His older second cousin who, shockingly, tried to take his throne. He nearly got away with turning King Gerard into a wild stag (game deer) and having his own hunting dogs kill him, but the Smurfs managed to turn him back to normal in time to capture Malcom for his treachery. King Gerard had him banished from his kingdom, beyond the Enchanted Forest.
  6. Mrs. Sourberry -- his castle servant; though she isn't blood related, he considers her a mother or aunt figure because she cares so greatly for him; likewise, he cares greatly for her.

Relationship with Falla Cye

He first meets Falla in The Reluctant Dark Knight.

Story One

Upon Johan and Peewit's arrival, he is introduced to a young lady named Falla who is from a Southern Kingdom, as Johan explains. He is delighted to make her acquaintence and more so when he learns she is also going to assist him with finding a suitor.

Season 2

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The sad truth about King Gerard is that most of his relatives are enemies; his uncle Leopold, Aunt Imperia, Cousin Malcom, and others have backstabbed him to claim his throne, but luckily each attempt was thwarted with the help of his friends. However, there are still more.

General Enemies

After his first encounter with Lord Balthazar and Gargamel in "Bigmouth's Friend," he realized they were after his beloved Clockwork and soon found his kingdom under attack as their way of forcing him to surrender the doll. When they were defeated by Bigmouth and Clockwork was later repaired (having been damaged in the battle), Gerard threatened to punish them if they considered returning to his castle.

Since then, he has not had much trouble with them, but in a later episode of Season 7 called, "To Coin a Smurf," Gargamel alerts his guards of someone stealing his gold. From this, he decides that the wizard is not much of any threat alone and has him imprisoned temporarily for illegally manufacturing gold coins.

After Story One, he gains a newfound distain for Gargamel and his apprentice, Scruple. He never forgives them for taking Johan from the side of good and causing so much grief for his friends. However, he can't help but be thankful for the time he gets to spend with Falla as a result.

Royal Enemies

This section is being rewritten in accordance to the storyline.

Season 2 Episodes

King Gerard is set to become a secondary character in Season 2. In place of Johan, he becomes the boy Falla looks up to, and so he and Clockwork see her and Peewit more frequently.

Relationship with Josten Lancaster

King Gerard obtains three new pageboys during Season 2, one of which is Josten Lancaster.

Season 2

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When introduced, he is a young teenager perhaps 5'5" in American measurement with pale skin, standard black eyes, and sandy brown hair usually atopped by his jewel-studded (lavender diamonds and light blue rectangles) and fur-trimmed crown, or a fur-trimmed royal blue gentlemen's hat.

  • Seasons 1 & 2 -- His king's attire consists of a royal blue simple turtleneck robe with long light blue sleeves (cuffed), dark violet shoulder drapings lined with fur at the bottom edges, and a large diamond-shaped light blue gem on a gold band around his neck. His leggings are light blue (matchings his sleeves and gemstones) and his flat shoes are royal blue (matching his robe).

Voice Actor(s)

In the show, he was voiced by Phil Proctor. A more modern choice would be Kenneth Branagh, who voiced the con artist, Miguel, in the DreamWorks Studios film The Road to El Dorado (2000).


  • He is the only child character in the show with more than one known relative to appear in any part of the series. And it's kind of funny - in a sad way - that most of them have tried to take his throne.
  • Clockwork is the first Smurf he met in the cartoon show; he usually does not see the Smurfs in the forest unless they need his help or vice versa.
  • He is the only male human teenager to meet Gargamel in the cartoon series aside from Prince Theodore.
  • He is a right-handed writer and unbeknownst to all but Clockwork, he keeps a personal journal in the locked drawer of his bedroom nightstand.
  • His birthday is February 4th and he is about a year younger than Falla (13 when they first meet). His zodiac sign is Aquarius, which happens to fit his temporary Watersprite form in "Mother Nature's (Re)Creation" - a pure coincidence by Numbuh 404's design.
  • His signature song is "Good Life" by OneRepublic.
  • He prefers vanilla tea, but may enjoy Chamomile with sugar if in the presence of Falla or Princess Savina.
  • Unlike most other kings, he keeps his room décor in a minimalistic style, preferring to surround himself with foliage, which he waters each morning.