Known RelationsThe Smurfs
Voice ActorUnknown
First Appearance"The Haunted Hospital" Season 10

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Lucy is a ghost of a little girl who first appears in the episode "The Haunted Hospital" from Season 10.

Background Information

She is the main antagonist, but later she becomes best friends and allies with Sassette and [[Joey McCormick (Expanded AU}|Joey McCormick]].

Throughout the episode, Lucy is hostile to all the main characters, attempting to kill them and becomes enraged if they elude her long enough. As a ghost, she displays a sadistic sense of humor, demostrated when she taunted Brainy before trying to kill him. However, it is revealed that she was a happy and fun-loving girl who loved to make friends during visits while she was afflicted with her disease.

In Life

During some time at the hospital, Lucy met a girl (who resembles Sassette) and became long-term friends with her; she taught her how to make a ball disappear under a glass. Eventually the girl died and Lucy was left alone with nobody to talk to. She was always mad at her mother for never visiting.

Lucy broke the painting that contained a picture of her mother and herself which her mother gave her as a present - the present which made her so happy. She felt utterly abandoned. Not long after this, she walked up to the third floor to her room, and climbed up to the open window. The doctor arrived, and saw her at the open window. To his shock, she jumped out the window and died.

In Death

Eventually, her spirit and sadness manifested into The Abyss Hospital, a hospital that pulls people into the Mnemonic Abyss, where she and other spirits kill the victims. Here is when the main characters enter the hospital (Papa Smurf, Brainy, Poet, Joey, and Sassette), all connected to Lucy and one another somehow.


Now she lives in Quarrel Castle being looked after by the ghosts. She is happier than she ever has been before, and occasionally appears in the episodes when the Smurfs (especially Sassette or Joey) visit the castle while someone (like Peewit) entertains. She is often seen playing with Tharp the Gargoyle.


Lucy has short red hair with many strands that fall over her face. Her skin is a caucasian when she's alive, but predictably it's paler when she's seen as a ghost. Alive, her eyes are black and her face is rounder, more lively, and friendlier-looking.

As a ghost her eyes are yellow: the pupils are vertical, more in the style of a cat (a reference to her nickname "Kitty"). Her eyes also have dark circles around them. As a human and ghost she wears a green nightgown, and as a ghost, she's usually seen holding a ragged doll with an "X" for both eyes.

Voice Actor(s)



  • Lucy is based on Reiko Asagiri from Calling.

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