Known RelationsKing Aquarius (father)
Queen Primarina (mother)
Handy Smurf (close friend)
Voice ActorEllen DeGeneres (desired)
UniverseHero: The Guardian Smurf

Cartoon Icon

Marina is a character that appears in the HERO: The Guardian Smurf story series.

Background Information

Marina was a mermaid that Handy had met. He was busy testing out his deep-sea diving equipment when Marina, who was attempting to jump up the waterfalls of the Smurf river to find the cure for her ailing father King Aquarius, ended up drifting downstream unconscious straight toward the Smurf river bridge. Handy rescued and revived her in a tub with a smurferator that keeps the water oxygenated, then with the help of his fellow Smurfs brought her father from his underwater kingdom of Atlantica to the Smurf Village while also collecting the cure from the Pool of Avalon.

Handy fell in love with Marina, but because she was a mermaid, he was unable to keep her with him in the village, and she was unable to keep him with her in her underwater realm. Eventually they parted ways, though they continue to encounter each other from time to time.


She is a friendly sort of being who isn't afraid to go out of her way to help her family and friends, even if it puts her in danger.


She is mostly in two shades of green with purple hair and fins for ears.

Voice Actor(s)

Her desired voice actress would be Ellen DeGeneres, known for her role as Dory in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

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