The mindlink is one of Empath's telepathic abilities that enables him to link the minds of his fellow Smurfs to his own to amplify the power of his own mental abilities. While the mindlink is engaged, every Smurf is able to hear the thoughts of every other Smurf in the mindlink. However, Empath can only engage the mindlink for a limited amount of time, after which it can cause serious harm to his fellow Smurfs with the possibility of even killing them. Because of this, Empath is usually careful to make sure the mindlink is only engaged until the present danger it is used for is past. Also, because Empath is aware that his fellow Smurfs do not like the idea of hearing each other's thoughts in the mindlink, he rarely engages it without their consent.

Empath first discovered this ability during a hiking trip he went on with Papa Smurf, which became nearly fatal for Papa Smurf when he slipped down a rocky incline and broke his neck. With Empath's own abilities not enough to heal Papa Smurf of the near-fatal injury, he called upon his fellow Smurfs through a telepathic summons and instantly drew upon their mental power to heal Papa Smurf completely. Empath also discovered that this ability can only be engaged by Smurfs born with telepathic powers, as the Psyches themselves are unable to create a mindlink of their own. The only other Smurf capable of creating a mindlink was the Psyche Master himself, who uses it to keep the Psyches constantly in line.

A more personal form of the mindlink is the mind meld (a term that comes from the Star Trek story franchise), where Empath or a Psyche engages in a direct mental link with another person, either a telepath or a non-telepath, by placing his fingers on the other person's face -- with the forefinger touching the center of the forehead bridge, where a Psyche's birthmark is usually located -- and concentrating his mental abilities to place the other person in a receptive hypnotic state. This technique is normally used to help retrieve memories that the other person may be repressing or have been repressed. Like the normal mindlink, Empath cannot engage anyone in a mind meld unless the other person gives their consent.

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