Miner Cartoon
Miner Smurf before Empath's final return

Miner Fanfiction
Miner Smurf sometime after Empath's final return

Miner Smurf
Also Known AsConnor Mitchell McSmurf
Schtroumpf Mineur (Schtroumpf translation)
NationalitySmurf Village, McSmurf clan
OccupationVillage Spelunker
Marital StatusPresently single
Known RelationsAngus McSmurf (father, deceased)
Bonnie McSmurf (mother, deceased)
Duncan McSmurf (brother)
ResidenceSmurf Village
Voice ActorUnknown
UniverseEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf

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"Smurfin' Begorrà!"

Miner Smurf (originally Connor Mitchell McSmurf) is a Smurf character who is part of the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series.


In the EMPATH story series, Miner speaks with a vague Scottish accent and is the son of Angus and Bonnie McSmurf, born as Connor McSmurf, the younger brother of Duncan McSmurf. However, Miner cares very little about his "Smurfish heritage" and has rejected the use of McSmurf from his family line, adopting the vocal mannerisms of the Ailill family clan such as the phrase "Smurfin' Begorrà". Despite the rejection, Duncan cares for Miner and watches out for him. At around 50 years of age, Miner lost both his parents to an unknown disease and was raised mostly by Papa Smurf.


Miner is a very hard worker who loves spending his day in the mines, finding important metals and coming across rare treasures. He is best friends with Tapper Smurf and enjoys singing with him in the Barber Smurf Quartet. Tapper considers him an honorary member of the Ailill clan and has taught him a few words from that language. Like his brother Duncan, Miner is also skilled at playing the bagpipes and has played them during the wedding ceremony of Duncan and his bride Brenda McSmurfette.


He is the village spelunker who works in the mines looking for minerals that are valuable for use in the Smurf community, usually in the form of tools and other everyday items.

Clothing And Appearance

Miner originally wore regular Smurf clothes as well as work gloves and a candle situated above his Smurf hat, but sometime after Empath's final return he started wearing a new set of clothes which includes a metal Smurf hat used for work. His physique as a Smurf is considered athletic with slightly defined muscles in his arms and legs.


  • Despite the switch in vocal nationalities, Miner still uses "Smurfin' Begorrà" (a Smurf variant of the Irish expression "faith and begorrà") as his own personal common expression.
  • Miner's birth name Connor McSmurf is based on Connor MacLeod, the lead character of the Highlander movie series played by Christopher Lambert.

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