Papa On Mirror Net
Papa Smurf using the Mirror Net with his magic mirror.
Mirror Net
First Appearance"Smurfette's Inner Beauty"
UniverseEmpath: The Luckiest Smurf

You may also be looking for Mirror Net (Smurfy Tales).

The Mirror Net is a form of magical technology that exists only in the EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf story series. It acts like the modern-day technology of the Internet, where a special mirror is used to transmit information unto another similar mirror with a typewriter-style keyboard attached to it.

Very few sorcerers actually have this form of technology available to them, as it is relatively new technology at the present time of the story series and the cost of having such a mirror is prohibitive to the general public. Of the sorcerers that do own such mirrors, Hogatha tends to use it mostly for discussions in forums similar to Internet message boards and chat rooms in the hopes of finding an attractive mate. The Game Master uses his for playing games with other sorcerers' children who also own magic mirrors.

Papa Smurf had developed a similar mirror so that he could stay in contact with his friend Homnibus whenever situations would make physical travel to his hovel difficult or impossible, but access to Papa Smurf's mirror through other mirrors is highly restricted since he does not want anyone else besides his closest friends to know where the Smurf Village is located. When not in use as a Mirror Net transmitter/receiver, Papa Smurf's mirror can also be used for transcribing all his formulas into a format that he can easily access with the information stored on an Imaginarium crystal. Handy also has a Mirror Net terminal with which he uses to share his invention ideas with other mechanically-minded people.

The voice of the Mirror Net would be provided by AT&T Natural Voices.

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