Moon Fairies
Race TypeFairy
First AppearanceSeason 11

Moon Fairies are a sub-species of Fairy who first appear in Season 11.

Race Information

As their name implies, the moon is connected to their emotions: if one is happy the moon becomes bright, but if one is sad the moon's light will dim or become completely dark (creating an eclipse). They are all females and barefoot like regular fairies. They are also responsible for making a rare "Blue Moon".

Like all fairies, they are peaceful and friendly. Moon Fairies are usually immortal, but can become mortal if they sacrifice their immortality and powers to the moon.


They usually have long hair, butterfly wings, pointed ears, and black or blue eyes or there is the possibility or having one of either color (known as heterochromia). Unlike most fairies, they have light green skin. They are the same size as a Smurf, but there are rare cases of Human or bug-sized Moon Fairies; when they become mortal, they lose their wings and have more humanoid features (skin tones, ears, etc.).

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